Jane Harrill & Debbie Robbins

Owners, The Boxwood Cottage

Meet the Designers

The Boxwood Cottage Inc. is a new home staging and decorating business owned and operated by Debbie Robbins and Jane Harrill of Reidsville, NC. Both have always had a passion for decorating their own homes as well as homes of friends and family. They came to the conclusion that it was time to follow their dream and start their own business. Debbie and Jane work with their clients in several ways. They are able to stage your home to help get top dollar when you’re ready to sell. They will use what you have and rearrange it to give your home an entirely different look. They can also repurpose some of your furniture, add a few fresh accessories and make it feel like a new home. There is no job too large or too small for Debbie and Jane to build the home interior of your dreams. Contact them at either 336-451-7829 or 336-613-9185 or by email at theboxwoodcottage@gmail.com.