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Buy Magnificent Bookmarks for your Magnificent books!

The Bookmark Society is a business helping charities all over the world by selling bookmarks at only 50p each. This will help to reach our goal of making £50 and helping the poor and needy. If you wish to donate more please do so here. They can be preordered, and even personalised to your wishes. Each and every bookmark is handmade and designed just for you. Thank you for looking at our website. We believe everybody deserves a bookmark, so don't hesitate to email! ◀ click here!

Please note we only do UK deliveries, but if you live elsewhere we can email you them, except you'll not be given the option of biodegradable or beaded bookmarks.

Thank you!

The Bookmark Society ❤️


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Some bookmarks will have to be printed on card, or double paper. Please note that due to COVID-19, we are closed. Therefore, you will have to make sure it is thick, otherwise it will rip. 📖