I was never lucky using hookup apps or hookup dating sites. IMO just create a profile on Yamvoo or fill in your profile text that you are just looking for something casual. You'd be surprised how well honesty works.

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If you're any girl (regardless of how much of a troll you look), a gay guy, or a really attractive straight guy, anything will work. Tinder, POF, OkCupid, really doesn't matter.

What's the best hookup meeting app for sex only?

Pretty much what the title says, looking for hookup apps that work

If you're a straight guy who is anything below really attractive, nothing will work. You can try, but you're almost certainly going to end up with fuck all. At best you might get 1 or 2 dates with someone who is fat and below average looking and won't give you sex, but will be happy to use you for a free drink/meal.

OP, if you're a guy just forget about it since it's a myth of the supposed "hookup culture" that claims "everyone out there is easily getting lots of hookups"..... In reality, If most guys are honest, they would say that they can't get shit at all. I've experienced this myself despite trying my best. I have used my absolute best pictures, am actually in good shape, and feel i'm at least better-than-average looking but even I can't ever seem to get 1 friggin match in the first place

I agree for the most part. There are definitely an extremely small percentage of men that can post their photos on an app and definitely get a lot of action based simply on their looks.

In reality, most guys are not getting as much action and success as they try to lead on. There’s a ton of guys on social media apps like this and message boards that put on a fake front, building up their online persona, and trying to act like they are just killing it.

I’m in the same boat. I get pretty much ignored by women on dating apps. The funny thing though, is that Im in my late 40s, but in very good shape, and I definitely look 10 times better than most of the fat-fuck middle aged men that let themselves go to shit.

For me it use to be craigslist. I had decent luck on this for short term type of things. Its too bad they took that down. If i had to pick it would be Badoo since i got the most off that app in terms of actual dates.

Whatever site you use - just be upfront about what you are looking to get out of it. No use wasting time on either end.

This is actual Tinder convo I had:

HIM: "Hey sexy! I love your profile! You look like you like to party"

ME: "I'm more of a let's get together for coffee kinda gal. Sounds like you want to hook up. Good luck out there!"

HIM: winky smiley face

He put out there pretty obvious signs of wanting to get laid. I nicely said no, but gave him a chance to go on an actual date. We both walked away dignity intact, no hard feelings.

You can typically tell which women are more likely to be DTF - lots of cleavage, pics in bikinis, lots of pics of drinking. When you text her, mention partying, having fun, call her sexy. You can even push it by commenting on her body specifically but that can be creepy right out the gate. See if you can get her to talk about sex at all. That takes a little time. Ask here where she hangs out with her friends and talk about drinking. That usually leads to talking about sex.

But within a few back and forths, you should be able to convey the "I want to have a good time" versus "I want to get to know you".

You can't just say it. Even a woman who is DTF is not going to respond nicely to a request to have sex.

I've used Tinder for one night stands. Also found someone on there I hooked up with for just over a year.

I suggest being clear in your profile what you're looking for, and reading other people's profiles carefully - don't waste your time with people who are looking for relationships.

Especially if you're a man, be aware that a lot of people will not be down for sex unless they've talked to you a bit/met you in public/whatever their thing is - personally, the first time I meet someone it is always in a public location because I don't feel safe and comfortable being alone with them otherwise.

Talking apps, Tinder for the stat numbers but needing to get around the dating mentality. Pure for the no bulshit approach. Lacks numbers. Whatever app, just be assertive, in the end everyone is online for the same and it depends on you. No one wants douchbags.

Thanks. I have a question tho: I'm afraid that people that I know will see me on the app. Is there a way to aboid them?

Tinder has that reputation but there are a TON of caveats...

--Its not really the app, it's the individual interaction that you have on the app, and during the meeting after.

--A lot of women on Tinder state in their profile "No hookups!" / "Looking for relationship"...

--On others (Hinge, Badoo, OkC in my personal experience) it is possible to meet someone and go home with them. You just have to be attractive in that way, to that person, and make the moves, and they have to be receptive.

--Almost no woman anywhere on any app is going to say "I'm just looking for sex!" A woman who really does want a boyfriend, and who says "want something REAL" on her profile, and who won't sleep with you for a few dates, because you're boyfriend material (or won't sleep with you at all and ghosts after two dates coz you're not that attractive) may still sleep with Chad on the first date, the following night because... well, she feels like it / he's hot / he's not boyfriend material / etc

Also .. Any app that is actually better for shorter term things one-offs is going to be flooded by hungry guys.

Neither the app nor any of the individual women on it are going to be marketing themselves in that way, and even if they did, each guy's chances of getting laid would drop majorly because of the aforementioned dick stampede.

So, finally, a bit of advice: go on any app, go with the flow, and consider starting something ongoing with someone attractive-- you'll get to know each other, and unless you're a top-5%-looking guy, you'll have more and better sex hanging out with someone repeatedly than sinking time into apps.