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Mattress Shortcuts, the Easy Way

According to the survey, Austrians sleep on average 7.2 hours a day. Extrapolated to a lifetime of 81 years, we spend a proud 24.3 years at rest. Accordingly, the range of products that promise a healthy and comfortable sleep experience is correspondingly high. What consumers should look for when choosing the right mattress?

Mattresses are available for all weight classes and every physique. Modern bed systems offer a variety of setting options and promise to optimally support the spine. It has been found that movable slatted frames support the sleeping person well in the lateral position, but as soon as the latter turns, the body hangs like a hammock. Brix points out that people change their sleeping position about thirty times a night. Back sleepers often lie on their stomach and abdominal sleepers are often in the lateral position. You can follow the thebest-mattressfor the same now.

A good mattress must support the pelvis optimally

The expert recommends a simple, rigid slatted frame. The main task of the good support of the body must be able to do alone the mattress, so the expert. This should not give in, especially in the pelvic area, as this would otherwise trigger the hammock effect just described. Brix recommends that you try the mattress for a while at home before deciding to buy it. Some dealers offer this service. If that is not possible, you should at least not make the decision alone.

It would be advantageous to take at least a second person to buy. This could then check, for example, whether the spine really forms a straight line between the first and the last cervical vertebrae and the coccyx during the test lying, says Brix. If this is the case, then you are at least once ergonomically in an optimal lying position.

Spring core - cold foam for chillers

As far as the material is concerned, customers are spoiled for choice in many ways. Should it be a spring mattress, a cold foam mattress or a latex mattress? For people who sweat heavily at night, foam or latex is probably the wrong choice, according to Brix. The expert advises in this case to an innerspring or in the best case to a pocket spring mattress. This would be best able to deliver the out flowing heat to the ambient air.

If you are shivering, you should take a cold foam mattress to your heart. This is also well suited for heavy people, but it may form pressure points over time. Even the more expensive and heavy latex models are primarily recommended for chillers, they promise a comfortable feeling, remain stable in shape and provide long-lasting, so mattress expert Brix.

Hard mattress does not help with back pain

Too euphoric health promises should rather not be believed, says Brix. A mattress alone could not relieve a lot of back pain and certainly not heal it. The thesis that one should always sleep on a hard mattress in case of back pain has now become obsolete, even orthopedic surgeons have since moved away from this recommendation. So, how hard or soft you want to lie is ultimately a matter of taste.

Incidentally, partner mattresses suitable for a double bed can also be made with two different cores. These cores can be different hard. Depending on the taste then, for example, the heavier partner can lie on the harder mattress part and the lighter finds its rest on a pleasantly soft surface. There are even systems in which one can connect the two separate mattresses via a so-called partner zipper with each other, so Brix: "This eliminates the break even where you may occasionally feel uncomfortable when you are in the middle of the mattress."

Price says little about the quality

The price differences in mattresses are considerable. From a few hundred to several thousand euros the range extends. About the quality of the price but say relatively little, says Brix. Of course, very expensive mattresses would often be made of more expensive materials such as cotton, and they might be better processed there and there, but the material has little influence on the support properties and thus on the most important criterion in the quality assessment of a mattress. A good mattress can also be produced with comparably cheap raw materials, says the expert.

Industry: Heavy allegations

By the way, the mattress test 2018 has caused some excitement and robs many a manufacturer of sleep. The competitors are bothered that the Bodyguard was again named test winner, this is in the industry as "anticarticle mattress". In this context, the German Association Mattress Industry has accused, among other misleading consumers. The test would harm the market and the variety of offerings.

Interim injunction against the trade association

Meanwhile, the Regional Court of Cologne has ordered by interim injunction that the industry association may not raise any of the accusations made by the press release. The company insists on their results. In a statement states: "The bodyguard mattress by is the best mattress we have examined so far. And we have also reviewed the result several times; but the mattress was always bought anonymously. We see ourselves here against our readers and Internet users in the obligation to refer to this product again and again, especially since it is located at around 200 euros in the lower price range.

The viscomattress


Viscoelastic foam was developed by NASA for aerospace to absorb the body's pressure during the launch phase.

This innovative visco foam reacts to body heat and weight making it ideal for the production of orthopedic viscoelastic mattresses.

The visco-foam "remembers" the load for a few seconds. It is permanently elastic, has a high volume density and offers a unique pressure relief, both at low and heavy weight load. The body is ideally relieved in every sleeping position and can thus alleviate back problems.

The optimum bedroom temperature is around 18 degrees as the viscous foam reacts to temperature. This is how the good properties of the viscous foam mattress can best develop. If the bedroom temperature is too cold, the visco-foam becomes too hard, if it is too warm, the visco-foam becomes too soft.