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DIY Sleeping Pad

It began with an idea. The problem I was solving was a sleeping pad that wasn't bulky so that it would fit in my hammock set up. I have worked with this insulating material before and thought it would work. Reflectix is basically two layers of bubble wrap sandwiched between mylar. So I get a slight cushion, air space, and reflective material in a small layer. I researched this a little more because surely I'm not the only person to think this, turns out, I'm not. And of course, someone had improved on it by adding a yoga mat underneath. Damn, it was a good idea. So here is what we have, a 2ft x 5ft piece of Reflectix and a 3mm yoga mat of the same size. The fleece is another layer to help insulate as well as keeping the mylar from slipping around in the hammock.

I initially wanted to glue all the pieces together but that would affect how tight I could roll it up. I'm going for small and lightweight. So gluing just the fleece will work. I used 3M Super 77 adhesive spray, great stuff, just a little messy coming out of a spray bottle. I sprayed the mylar on one side, let it set for about 30 sec and then carefully draped the fleece blanket over the Reflectix. Let me say, this stuff is pretty damn sticky, there is not too much forgiveness if you screw it up.

After I let it set up for a bit, I trimmed to size. Rolling it up together was easy and it ended up fairly compact, much smaller than my Thermarest pad. So the real test will be getting this out in the cold.