Color Guard

Color Guard is a part of the marching band and performs during halftime at football games, marching band competitions, parades, trips and various other events. The Color Guard adds visual color and pageantry to the marching band. They perform with flags, weapons (rifles and sabers) and other props, as well as dance to visually interpret the music. Membership requires self-discipline and hard work, all with an emphasis on teamwork. The Color Guard brings a great deal of pride and enthusiasm to the Woodstock Wolverine Marching Band.

Winter Guard is an extension of the marching band season. Winter Guard is a new show utilizing almost any music of our choice performed on a screen printed floor in a basketball gym or arena. Winter Guard performs with flags, rifles, sabers, and other props, as well as executing dance movements to visually interpret the music. We go to about five competitions in the SAPA circuit and then finish each year at SAPA Championships in Chattanooga, TN.