The 2018 Bacon Classic

June 23, 2018 11:00 am Tip-Off

Wooden Nickel Pub and Grill

171 S. Main St., Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Ages 21+ Only

UPDATE: The Bacon Classic is now allowing walk-up participants on Saturday, June 23. All walk-up contestants must sign-up and pay (cash only) prior to 10:30 am. Unfortunately, Bacon Classic T-shirts will not be offered to ballers who don't register prior to June 17th.

What is the Bacon Classic?

The Bacon Classic is a winner-take-all P-I-G tournament. It’s a head-to-head, single-elimination event that will ultimately crown the 2018 Bacon Classic “BIG PIG” Champion. The Bacon Classic is all about fun and promoting fellowship through the game of basketball. Proceeds from the Bacon Classic will be donated to help local youth athletes.


The winner of the tournament will be named the 2018 "BIG PIG" and will get to fill their belly with 20 pounds of bacon donated by Goshen Butcher Shop. The winner will also receive the Inaugural "BIG PIG" Champion trophy and "BIG PIG" braggin' rights for 2018.

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$20 per person

All participants registered prior to June 17, 2018 will receive a Bacon Classic t-shirt. All participants will receive a gift from the Wooden Nickel.

Brackets will be built via random selection. Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to watch our live bracket drawing!

Rules of the Game


Choosing Order

The order of who shoots will be determined by a flip of a coin. The higher seed based on a random draw will make the call.

Beginning Play

Play begins by the first person shooting the basketball from anywhere on the court. If the shot is missed, the next person takes a shot from any spot on the court as well. This continues until a shot is made. Once a shot is made, that person becomes the “first” person in order.

Matching Shots

Once a shot is made, the other player must attempt that shot in order. Players must attempt the shot from the same spot on the court as the original made shot.

Missing Shots

Any players who misses a shot that must be matched earn the letter “P.” Players who have already earned the first letter and miss a matched shot again earn the letter “I” and so on until a player accumulates all the letters in the word “Pig” and are thus eliminated. There is no second shot for the letter “G" or any other variation of matching or proving the shot. The game ends when someone gets the "Pig."

Additional Rules

Participants must call certain shots during the game, such as bank shots, swishes or trick shots. For instance, if a player chooses to shoot a free throw during their turn the shot to be matched and calls “bank,” he/she must bank the shot for it to count, and all players must not only make the shot, but must bank it off the backboard in order to avoid accumulating a letter.

NO DUNKING ALLOWED. If you dunk, your shot will not count and the turn will be passed to your opponent.

There will be a 20 MINUTE time limit on all games except the championship game. The player with the least number of letters will advance. If it is a tie-game when the time limit expires next shot wins.

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