I have created a few comic books you can read for free online, here is a list of my creations.

Errants #1 is my latest comic book, created in 2014-2015, it features a fully colored 30 page story of a couple of siblings fighting mythic or folk tale monsters.

(Errants is a series of short horror stories about two monster fighting siblings traveling the haunted never-ending road 313 where they find themselves involved in folk tales and myths like those told around the world as they both enjoy hunting and punishing the errant creatures.

A horror punk mixed with folk tales fantasy – “Highway to Hell” meets “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller”.)

Vilkanik is an old comic of mine, it's a six (6) pages short steampunk adventure of a Girl Looking for treasures in unexpected places and where nothing seems what it is.

You can read it for free at ComixCentral HERE

Time Traveller's Guide for dummies, is a four (4) page comic I made about an hypothetical gide for Time Travalers. You can download it HERE

Viva la Ladillita was a comic I made a long time ago about my personal ingame character and showing the crazy/absurd things going on in the game (mmorpg) called "Flyff".

It can be read for free at The duck webcomics HERE or through the flyff folder in my deviant art page HERE

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