Jennifer Louis

Dig and Rise 2' x 2', mixed media , $200

“It is about reaching deep within ourselves to find the courage to forgive and act with compassion and kindness, even in those moments when we find ourselves sitting across from someone who has activated those dark places within us that make us want to cause them pain.”

-Cathy Byrd

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(860) 989-9633

Jennifer's Bio

Jennifer Louis is a self-taught artist that has worked on many projects, including murals, decorative painting, book illustrations, oil and watercolor paintings. It wasn’t until her role as a preschool teacher that she felt a strong pull to further pursue her passion for art; Working in a program with a heavy emphasis on visual arts, she taught children that creating, experimenting, and immersing in the process is just as important as the product, a philosophy that she now applies to her own work. She is enrolled in a Visual Fine Arts program at a local college and has fully embraced her continuing art journey. She lives in West Hartford, CT with her family.

Artist Statement

The layers on my peace sign were created to reflect my journey to find inner peace, as well as support my belief in a meaningful process when it comes to creating art. Cutting, arranging, gluing, and painting the circles was meditative for me; built up from dark to light, the layers symbolize the personal growth one can achieve if they truly embrace exploring those dark places within.

I was inspired by The Boy Who Knew Too Much, a memoir by Cath Byrd, whose young son experiences past life memories and her journey to understand and accept him despite her own religious and spiritual beliefs. I felt a strong connection to her writing as I believe that until one finds inner peace, peace in a greater sense of the word cannot be achieved. But, if we each dig deep and rise above, we can begin to find our way.

This peace sign is constructed from recycled styrofoam cups that would have otherwise been thrown into a landfill.