Erica Stair

Inner Peace 2' x 2', Acrylic,

"We can never obtain peace in the outer world if we neglect the inner world and don't make peace with ourselves. World Peace must develop out of Inner Peace". - The 14th Dalai Lama

If we can find peace with ourselves, world peace will find us.

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Erica Stair was born in New Haven, Ct. She attended CCSU where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Art Education with a concentration in ceramics. She has been enjoying developing her talents in her home studio in Hamden, CT. She enjoys throwing functional forms on a potter’s wheel as well as hand building with clay. She has also been exploring her talents in stained glass and jewelry making.

Artist Statement

My first thought when approaching this project based around peace was to focus on inner peace. I envisioned a person sitting peacefully by themselves, ready to receive any messages the universe wanted to bring. This person tries to bring positivity and joy with them wherever they go (even though it can be hard at times, they still try). They are not a threat to the world in any way. They’re just doing their own thing; here to participate and grow. With this in mind, just for fun, I looked up any possible meanings the a “flipped” peace sign could have. As it turns out, the designer himself wanted to flip the sign and would only draw it right side up toward the end of his life. Shortly after designing it, Gerald Holtom came to the realization that an upwards facing peace sign would emote a more positive state of being; one of love, light and growth.

I found this interview with his nephew, Tim Holtom:

As the original sign was based on the semaphore alphabet spelling “ND” for nuclear disarmament, the flipped peace sign, or positive peace sign as I have come to know it; (it’s a thing!) represents the letters “UD”. Some have said this could stand for Universal Disarmament instead. Of course, that is an afterthought, but it actually is a more peaceful idea isn't it?

Achieving world peace will not be the result of banning nuclear weapons. If people could learn to surrender the desire to be dominant over one another in the first place, it would emerge naturally. I believe we will get there eventually, if not during this lifetime then the next.