Y@W Training

Summer Youth Program engages young people in sustainable living practices


Cycling to work in New Haven

The Youth@Work crew travels to work on a fleet of Bike Share bicycles. The first day of the program includes Bike Training & Safety workshop.

Your trip just got FASTER. With speeds up to 110 MPH, this passenger rail service offers customers a better alternative to driving on the I-91 corridor.

Catching the next Train!

The Youth@Work crew learn how to use the train with a trip to Hartford.

Operation Lifesaver - Youth Safety Training & Education

Unfortunately, on the average of every 90 minutes somewhere in the United States, there is an incident at a crossing or along a railroad right-of-way. Operation Lifesaver programs educate the public by providing vital information so these tragedies can be reduced and prevented. Education is provided by Operation Lifesaver certified volunteers.

CONNECTICUT OPERATION LIFESAVER (CTOL) is a free service that provides an active public education program. CTOL is dedicated to preventing and reducing incidents at highway-rail grade crossings, and to make the public more aware of the dangers encountered when trespassing on railroad property.

Operation Lifesaver is active in the 49 States and in parts of Canada. Since it's inception, this public education program has dramatically reduced injuries and fatalities.

Peels & Wheels

We do what we do because we love New Haven and we want a resilient city!

dmedina@pwcomposting.com | 15 James St, New Haven, CT 06513


Youth@Work crew will have a hands-on composting workshop & training

Peels & Wheels works with neighborhoods in Greater New Haven to promote and facilitate composting. We provide pedal powered compost a pick-up service for residents, small businesses, schools and events - and seek to enrich our soils in the city for growing healthy food in house gardens, community gardens and urban farms. Our service reduces environmental pollution from trash incineration, support community gardens, and build community.

Peels & Wheels also offers:

  • Waste Audits
  • Soil Analysis
  • Zero waste events
  • Training and education

The Engineering Department designs and constructs community-oriented infrastructure for the City of New Haven. This work includes public outreach, project concept development, engineering design, mapping, construction management, infrastructure inspection, and asset management. Public infrastructure under the department's purview includes bridges, roads, sidewalks, drainage systems, coastal protection, street lighting capital upgrades, and public facilities.


Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

The City of New Haven is regulated by DEEP under the General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4 General Permit). This general permit requires municipalities to take steps to keep the stormwater entering its storm sewer system clean before that stormwater enters surrounding waterbodies. The MS4 General Permit addresses water quality through six minimum control measures that the City must implement; Public Education and Outreach, Public Involvement/Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control, Post Construction Stormwater Management, and Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping.

Kathy Fay

Director, Home Improvement and Energy Conservation Lab

In June 2017, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven launched its inaugural Environmental Leadership Program. Participants learned about the environment and their neighborhood; connected with useful resources and people; and aspired to create their own environmental projects.


Limiting the amount of potable water used for non-drinking purposes is the most important way for building owners to conserve this valuable resource. Inspired by NHS’ example, local homeowners and landlords are already beginning to incorporate some of the Lab’s water-saving strategies into their own projects. CLICK HERE

Water in Your Home and Neighborhood

  • Examine the New Haven Water System
  • Learn about stormwater, its impact on health, and how to manage it
  • Community projects to address these issues and promote improved water quality, water conservation, and green space in your neighborhoods

Public Works

Friends of Farmington Canal Trail

School Murals

Art25 Artists

Pedestrian Art project


Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority