Getting creative does not have to be complicated. But when it is — you've got us.

"The best tool is your team."

Photo by Bleu Cease. Artwork by Todd McGrain and Fola Akinola at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

Co-founded in 2018 by Elizabeth Cameron and Hannah Lightbody, The Art Administrators are dedicated to assisting creatives and those in need of creative services. We are pleased to offer our administrative, curatorial, archival, and marketing expertise in addition to consultation, ideation, and innovative conversation. We specialize in public art, exhibitions, publications, and collection management, yet with our extensive experience in the world of creatives, we have the skills and ability to take on a wide range of unique challenges.

Boasting 25 years of combined professional experience, Elizabeth and Hannah are well-versed in the many aspects of art administration. Multi-faceted, versatile, and fiercely passionate for the integration of creativity in development and everyday life, their shared vision is to make art enjoyable, essential, and accessible to all.

Hannah is a career arts professional polymath with world-class experience. She is an alumna of Emma Willard School and holds a BFA in Studio Art from Rochester Institute of Technology where she extended her studies to include photography, graphic design, and gallery management. Professionally trained at Paley Studios, her proficiency grew to include archive and collection management, studio operations, logistics, marketing, publications, and public art. She curated the first-ever temporary sculpture exhibition for Sonnenberg Arts at the Gardens in 2016, assisted with the logistics of the Garth Fagan 75/45 fine art auction, and has aided in the management of the Bausch + Lomb corporate archive and rotating art program.

Born and raised in the northern woods of Maine, Hannah made her home in Rochester after falling for its small-town feel and vibrant creative culture. A creative in her own right, she is inspired by found object collage, assemblage, immersive installation, and environmental art. Hannah enjoys spending time in her studio, caring for her cats and houseplants, and supporting local creatives and small businesses.

Photo by Chris Tsotakos. Artwork by Isaiah Zagar at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.
Photo by Frances Paley. Artwork by Albert Paley at Paley Studios.

Elizabeth’s long-standing role as Archivist at Paley Studios provided her a wonderfully creative and fast paced proving ground to hone a wide ranging skill set including asset and collection management, conservation, photography, authentication, curation, publication design, and public art process.

In addition to heading the archive of Albert and Frances Paley, Elizabeth has provided archival consultation for Kaneko Studios and the Ilan Lael Foundation, among others, helping them plan and structure archival programs.

When not organizing, cataloging, and appreciating art, Elizabeth can be found reading books in her garden while watching her beehives.