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1. Pedro de Valdivia

Fclutz (adapted by American World team)

"Pedro de Valdivia" is a campaign that tells the story of Spanish conqueror Pedro de Valdivia and his campaign to occupy the lands south of the river Biobio, in the south of Chile.

The campaign focuses on 6 historic battles that defined the fate of the relantionship between the Spanish conquerors and the Mapuche people, heritage that can be still be felt today.

The campaign is divided into two chapters:

I - The Spanish occupation

1. Battle of Quilacura

2. Battle of Andalién

3. Siege of Penco

II - The Mapuche sublevation

4. Take over of Fortress Tucapel

5. Battle of Purén

6. Disaster (or Victory) of Tucapel

The first 3 scenarios, the player plays as the Spanish, and the last 3 scenarios he plays as the Mapuche.

The campaign is completely in spanish.

The history written in the scenarios, battle descriptions and general plot point of views are all taken from "Y Así Nació la Frontera" by Ricardo Ferrando Keun.

This is the first campaign that I design. The scenarios -and specially the military force equilibrium- are highly inspired by the battle descriptions in the book cited before, and I tried putting the AoFE mechanics into effect for fun playability.

For putting together an optimum map design, I utilised history maps, fortress ruins photos, history descriptions and google maps.

In all honesty, I put a great deal of effort into this and there are still flaws, like it being too slow here and there, still not having difficulty differences, and such. Nevertheless, I wanted to know if people appreciate it before going through with a second wave of effort of cleaning it up entirely.

Thanks a lot, Fclutz

Put the file into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\resources\_common\campaign