The American Dream captures the audience of all ages to live and pursue their childhood dreams. The adventure of capturing and having the opportunities to meet celebrities, actors, singers, rappers, dancers, and athletes among other businesses once they invest in our youths future. The goal is to make life more adventurist, exciting, motivating, and an outlook of the universe as a huge game waiting to be played.

The expenses will be taken care of by the government for the employee's employers that invested in a shareholder being transparent. It will cover any travel, hotel, meals, equipment and classes that would be needed to be taken while involvement in this program. Receipts, documentation of courses taken, and photos are required to collect in their portfolio they create.

Targeting volunteer work, community service work, and that months awareness to network and get involved within your city or town. Networking creates opportunities to seminars, job opportunities, activities, events, and it is a great way to market yourself as a person. Showing interest in your community is where you want to start before venturing off to other communities.

LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wordpress, and Google have been where production and execution of purpose, vision, and thought has been established. Establishing a network through social media is great to keep up with your activities in the portfolios established for documentation.

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