Summer 2017 Training Package Includes:

Weekly Practice Sessions

Event Specific Training

Professional & Technical Analysis

Dynamic Training Tools and Drills

Club Apparel

Up to 20% OFF Trainers, Spikes, and Recovery Tools!

Specialized Training Programs

Athletic Development- Fall Sport Training

This workout will improve agility, develop explosive power, and enhance your general strength with the combination of plyometric and functional strength training.

*This is a 45-60 minute workout structured for Conditioned athletes.

Outdoor Boot Camp- Functional Fitness Training

Get your body moving in this 45-60 minute outdoor fitness experience. Engage in the outdoor elements and take your fitness to the next level! Generate power outside your comfort zone of indoor training with ripping Body weight conditioning intervals, Core crushing reps, and explosive circuit training!

*This is a 45-60 minute workout structured for ALL FITNESS LEVELS


Cool Running-Dynamic Mobility and Flexibility Training for improved running endurance

This 45-60 minute running instruction workshop with our Coaching staff details just a few powerful tools and drills to make running easier, efficient and exciting for everyone!

Power Runs- Not Your Average Group Run!

45-60 minute group run blended with functional training to increase your strength, endurance and core conditioning for competitive running or Mud runs.

5K Training Camp- Running Progression for Endurance Running

Weekly mileage building workouts, speed endurance workouts, and multi-level tier training to track progression and get out of running the results you want! (includes online training log and video tips for daily strength and mobility routines)

Executive Athlete Training- Graduate Program of Modern Fitness

Training that features strength, endurance, and powerful complexes amped up for all the competitive MUDDERS and MANIACS seeking a team like environment filled with competition. Looking to Build strength and improve endurance for the next big race? Join and become the EXECUTIVE ATHLETE.