My wife Kathy(KD7PJW) and I(K7VIQ) dropped the ham radio hobby do to local disuse among local Brothers, time and cost. We look forward to taking it up again in the new system when the cell towers are down. The other VHF/UHF Brothers in the area were KB7ZXH(My Brother Cecil), KB7SYB(Ryan-HF Active), Silent keys KB7IGZ(Chris) and LLoyd Sherwin(N7KLC), KB7VIY(Jeff-Former Ham). There is now another Ham in a local congregation(Bethel) named John N. (KF7WJL) who plans to get his General. Another Brother Jay L. in our West cong hopes as he can gget a tech as he already bought a Baofeng VHF/UHF and already has a GMRS Radio and licence. Here's a quick link to this page to see what's new:


Kilo Seven Viqtor India Quebec - DMR # 3135605

I am a Ham Radio operator in Eugene, OR. My interest in radio started as licensed CB user(KBPN-1418) and I went by 'Little John' (Paul means little and my middle name means John). I was rather discouraged by the language and lack of courtesy though and wished for an alternative. Ham radio was the ticket, although it was several years till I got around to studying for a license. I was first licensed as KB7VIQ on June 6, 1993. On March 14, 2007 my wife became KD7PJW and I (became K7VIQ) as we both took and passed the General exam together. We never were able to get real HF equipment. My Brother Cecil (KB7ZXH) and I had a repeater for years but due to inactivity we took it down. After that we did not get on the air anymore due to local friends moving on from Ham radio.

Years have passed and a new pre-Ham friend is was studying Tech and General and this has motivated me to study and take the Extra.

91 73's Here is my listing.

My buddy Jay L. has was considered getting a ham licence, so in order to support him I studied and took the Extra exam. Alas he has not been able to pend the time to get a licence. Without my buddy Jay though, I would have never even tried for the Extra. On March 30,2019 I took and passed the test to be an Extra Amateur. Yup, a test to be an extra amateur.

I am hoping to set up a basic station digital station using my DMR VHF/UHF handheld so I got my First DMR ID: 3135605 for digital communications. It's not that easy, so a steep learning curve is ahead.

The closest repeater in Oregon are all to the north from Salem up and are slated primarily for Emergency communications(ECOMM).

Our best usage will be Hot-spot connected to the internet. So I assembled a hot spot using our Pi 2 wearing a MMDVM hat. Here is some possible progress in our digital projects(blog).

To really get into digital communications I obtained an HF radio. It will take energy and time to set up a tower we have laying in the backyard with an antenna both contributed by a local ham Friend. We are in the long process of setting up a ham desk now according to time and health. - Updated Aug, 12, 2019

Now!! with Extra Ham added!!!

All the ham you can stand in a can just full of Extra ham parts. Improved from being Technically ham, to Generally a ham to now 92% Extra Ham. Tested and passed by 3 accredited volunteer ham examiners. Ingredients: (92% Ham, More ham, Ham parts, Ham bone, Spam parts; 8% spurious products) Repacked 3/30/2019. Expires 3/13/2027.


Kathy's Definitely 7 Paul's Jehovah's Witness - DMR # 3149355

I am a Ham Radio operator in Eugene, OR. My first introduction to ham Radio was via shortwave Radio. I was awed at how these broadcasts and ham stations and people could talk to each other from such distant places. When my future husband at the time "hinted" that he would like to see me get my ham license I was in full agreement and loved the idea. Fourteen months after our marriage (on October 2, 1999), I took and passed my Tech License on December 26, 2001. Later, in March 14th 2007 my Husband(K7VIQ) and I (KD7PJW) both took and passed the General exam togather.

91 73's from KD7PJW listing

  • Our ham desk and antenna are under construction as health and time allows


  • VHF / UHF Analog/Digital ~ HF ~ GMRS(WQYS231)

  • Our ham desk and antenna.

Other Modes

A quick link to this page to see whats new: (case sensitive)

Us 2 on DMR: (case sensitive)

Updated Aug. 12, 2019


Have owned

Kenwood 2m/70cm handheld(Gave to Erick KD6RRR), Kenwood 2m/70cm(Gave to KB7ZXH My Brother Cecil), 12v PR25 Tripp Lite power supply(Gave to KB7ZXH My Brother Cecil), 2 Motorola M125LS and repeater controller rack(offline)(Gave to KB7ZXH My Brother Cecil), Old HF portable in a case(Gave to John N. (KF7WJL)

We Currently Own

2 - 2m/70 cm Baofeng UV-82HP HT's,

Signal handheld antenna, VHF/UHF car antenna,

A PI 2 wearing a stylish MMDVM hat, AnyTone AT-D868UV Dual Band DMR Handheld.

HF radio and beam on a 39ft. tower contributed by a local ham and slowly being set up as health allows.

aslo 2 GMRS Motorola Talkabout T465 handhelds for emergencies.

We used to have this antenna pole that was 26 ft tall +9 ft extension (34ft) but fell in a Nov. storm of 2018.

We are setting up new station with a new telescoping TV mast and a Multiband Isotron antenna after many years of no HF and look forward to having a Rendezvous and doing some ECERN with our Friends on HF the modes(ie. Winlink), as well as VHF/UHF DMR.

More on our Us 2 hams on HF page:

At my old FT-DX-450 radio

Emergency Preparation

Oct 12, 17 - Besides ham radio, GMRS is also useful in emergencies and perhaps for us, even more as it's also more useful for our family's general mobile radio usage. We have a set of Motorola Talkabout GMRS radios. Our old FRS radios can be can be satisfactory loaners to others. There have also been others in the congregation that have already have or are talking about using GMRS in emergency situations.

After restructuring our emergency Go-packs and due to the desire to also have a couple HT's available in case of an emergency so we decided to purchase a couple Baofeng UV-82HP radio for all their good reviews and cost effectiveness to fit our tight budget. We also plan to them otherwise as well to make sure we are familiar with them in case of emergency. Other local hams are KB7ZXH(Cecil A.), Ryan W. (KB7SYB) and John N. (KF7WJL).

To help keep some of us local HAM Friends and a few others that we personally know, we created this private forum for us. Kathy and I would love to hear from you if you're one of our Friends. Who knows you might finish awakening the bug in us just enough to at least get on EchoLink, Peanut or get going with DMR already. Here is some possible progress in our digital projects. - (Picture left: WBBR)

Our GMRS Family Radio Call - WQYS231

Whisky Quebec Yankee Sierra Two Three One

While renewing my HAM license(K7VIQ), I signed up for a General Mobile Radio Service license for the family. I know it is not HAM radio, but the whole family can operate under one GMRS call with no skill learning required from non-HAM family members. For 5 family members it comes to $14 for each of us. We look forward to having others to talk on radios again, especially when it includes family and for emergency usage.

Here are a few old photos of the hobby we shared togather

Old cross band in bed room before married. Cecil(KB7ZXH) had the input side.

Our cross band repeater used two dual band Kenwoods before I was married. I believe my Brother may have these mothballed in storage.

A repeater we used to have us local Friends used after the previous cross band setup we had. We took it down due to low use. irony it the repeater that obtained the freq is less used. It is now mothballed at cecil's as he hangs on to old equipment.

What is a ham to do.

Ah the good old days when I could climb. Our old antenna pole local ham Friends use for our 147.36 T77 repeater. Rotted an fell in 1018 storm. Needs replaced with a used 34.5 ft. + rotator and upper pole.alum. tilt down we have on property.

Since fell in the Nov. 2018 wind storm. Was not being used since we took repeater down anyway.

A collection pf cards we made when we were hoping to get on HF. All information subject to being out of date.

Our old Cross-band repeater in an older location well before I was married. The other half was at my Brother Cecil's(KB7ZXH) when he was living at Dad's on Minnesota off Barger.

My old Dual band TH-78A Kenwood HT.