Paul and Kathy's

Guitar Hobby

We have decided to learn to play the guitar, as it is a hobby we can do togather along with several other local Friends. We like the fact that it is a hobby that, however limited ability we are able learn to play in this system will be, it is a hobby we can take with us into the future when we know we will have more opportunity to learn and enjoy music togather with all our Brothers and Sisters. Here on these pages we will share the hobby we enjoy togather with Friends:

We will occasionally add and update changes with this hobby to these pages.

Our Guitar Hobby Pages

Introduction to Our guitars, Music history, and Friends.

Our Guitar links, Our Blog, Forum and links we have Created, Collected, and Share with Friends.

Progress we have made so far. Slow but sure.

Equipment Guitars and accessories we use as we learn to play.

Other Instruments we are interested in learning in the future.

Highlighted Pictures Just a few we promise. But we did add a link for more.

52 Christian Dedication Our first Kingdom song we are trying to learn.

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