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Although our world has become more progressive in decades past, it can still be difficult to find professional services that are Pagan-friendly - people that are sensitive to our unique spiritual situations, experiences, and needs. Below are links to various businesses and services that our members have found to be open to and supportive of Pagan clients.

Also included are local Pagan clergy, as well as spiritual products and services.

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Although the resources below have served our members well in the past, the ACDP cannot take responsibility for the quality of their products or services, or for the accuracy of their information. These resources are provided only as a courtesy, and you must use your own personal judgment in ascribing credibility to their content, or deciding where your dollars go.

If you feel a resource that is included here does not belong, or that it poses a danger to our community, please Contact Us. Our prime concern is for the safety and comfort of our members and our community.

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Pagan-Friendly Professional Services:

Pagan Clergy

Rev. Jeremiah Bruce Lennox, Druid

528 Bliss Road

Galway, NY

(518) 256-8536

Pagan News & Beginner's Information:

Spiritual Products and Services: