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The Nemeton of the Ways

The Nemeton of the Ways is a Druidic eco-shrine nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains dedicated to serving the Gods, Folk, and Land through nurturing a reverence for the Earth and all her children. The Nemeton and its work is facilitated through the collaboration of our own College of Clergy as well as the goodwill of the local community. We recognize and celebrate the Wheel of the Year, the lunar cycles, and select Feast Days in honor of our deities.

Along with our seasonal and lunar rites, the Nemeton of the Ways and its clergy offer a full range of life rites (baby blessings, weddings, handfastings, home/land blessings, etc) for anyone seeking in good faith.

Hudson Valley Pagans

Hudson Valley Pagans is a loose organization serving the extended Capital District of New York - Albany, Schenectady, Troy and beyond.

The Hudson Valley Pagan Network, Inc. was founded in 1993 by five individuals who were interested in facilitating Community amongst area Pagans. In 1996 the group was registered as an official Not-for-Profit Corporation with the New York Department of State. As we grow, so does the number of events and service projects we can sponsor. There are social events, public and semi-public Ritual for the Sabbats, and charitable community activities. We have recently begun to dissolve the formal organization in favour of a looser network.

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Maetrum of Cybele

We are a reclaiming of the ancient Mother Goddess tradition updated to reflect modern times.

We are the "brick and mortar" home of the Cybeline Revival. The Maetreum of Cybele is an incorporated and IRS 501(c)(3) religious charitable organization and "church."

[Our mission is] to awaken the Goddess consciousness in all people, promote equality of women, provide charitable housing and food outreach and teach (and learn) how to live lighter on the earth with less damage to our common home.

We are the worldwide home of the Cybeline Revival and our home, called the Phrygianum, is the home of the Cybeline priestesses and a woman's spirituality centre. Our home is open to Goddess oriented women as a cooperative (see discussions for more details) and we are dedicated to charitable works. We have been taking in women in need and providing no or very low cost housing (based on resources) and basic living expenses since the secular founding of our property in 2001. We've done this ourselves supported mainly by our priestess's donations. We have provided support and fundraising for victims of Hurricane Katrina then took in victims of Hurricane Irene as well. We have quietly lived our commitment to charitable works on a daily basis and maintain a place of safety and healing for all in need.

Located in the northern part of the Catskill Mountains of Upstate NY, the Maetreum owns three acres of land with a former 150 year old Catskill resort inn and an outdoor temple/grove. We are about ten miles north of Woodstock (yes that Woodstock), a couple of miles from the Kaaterskill falls, the tallest in New York, and about ten miles east of the Hunter Mountain ski resort. Many of the Catskill trail heads are close by.

Central New York Pagans

A networking community for Pagans in Central New York, posting announcements of interest to local Pagans, including:

  • Open Rituals
  • Celebrations
  • Group/ Grove/Circle/Hearth/Coven information
  • Networking Events
  • Workshops
  • Festivals
  • Pagan Concerts and Art Shows
  • Pagan Shops and Metaphysical Resources
  • Pagan Clergy and Services
  • News items dealing with Paganism, especially in the CNY area

Pagans of Central New York

Welcome pagans of CNY. This is a place to gather a community and share beliefs and knowledge. Also a place to make new friends and maybe even plan gatherings.