About the ACDP

Who We Are:

Greetings in the Name of the Earth Mother and the Elder Gods!

Gather 'round the sacred stones and dance about the flames, feast and make merry! Join us in celebrating the harvest within our community, as Pagans and as denizens of New York State's Capital Region and surrounding lands.

The Assembly of Capital District Pagans is a group dedicated to the service of the local Pagan community. We are Pagans from different traditions, groves, and circles, seeking to celebrate the diversity and unity that our community has to offer. Join us in our work to celebrate the joys of Paganism and the bonds of kinship!

The ACDP is dedicated to serving both the Pagan and wider communities - we strive to create a culture of acceptance and understanding, allowing every person’s beliefs to be honored.

The Assembly of Capital District Pagans, known as the ACDP, was founded in 2011 by Rev. Steward Jeremiah Lennox. It is chaired by local volunteer members of the Pagan community. Each of us walk a different path in life and spirituality, but through the ACDP, we come together and focus on our commonalities, in order to strengthen and unify the Pagan community while celebrating our diversity.

Your 2018 Executive Board Members are:

Learn more about the 2018 Board here.

Membership is available to all, and all general meetings and events are open to the public.

The ACDP pledges all of its events to be a safe space for all people, regardless of faith, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, socioeconomic standing, political affiliation, or citizenship.

What We Do:

Each month, the ACDP holds a general meeting to plan our events and discuss other topics relevant to the Pagan community. We are here to serve you, and we want to hear what you want, need, and think. General meetings are free and open to the public, so please feel free to come by and contribute.

We also hold several Mingles throughout the year, to make connections, meet new people, and just enjoy being among other Pagans.

Fundraisers are held periodically throughout the year, with all proceeds going toward our annual Harvest Moot Festival or one of our charitable causes - these fundraisers take the form of Tarot Nights, Spiritual Circles, Workshops & Classes, among others.

The ACDP also commits to yearly clean-up efforts at local cemeteries and parks.

Our largest event is our annual Harvest Moot Festival, a day-long event that boasts workshops and classes, performances, public rituals, vendors, delicious food, and of course, plenty of good Pagan company.

How to Get Involved:

Becoming a full Member of the ACDP allows you to vote on all upcoming projects or other Assembly issues and decisions. Being a full, active Member allows you to run for a board position. Yearly dues for full Membership are collected in order to finance events and charity projects - we run on dues, donations, and fundraisers only, so every cent helps, and new members are always welcome!

Our 2017-2018 dues are:

  • $20 - individual membership
  • $30 - married couple or partnership
  • $30 - two members of a polyamorous family, with $10 per each additional member

In the case of financial hardship, please contact us.

You don't need to be a full member to enjoy the benefits of our community. There are many ways to get involved.

Follow our website, or follow us on Facebook or Meetup.

Come to a meeting or event. You are always welcome to volunteer, or even just sit back and listen.

Make a donation - we are always accepting monetary donations, as well as books, ritual items, and other supplies.

Attend the Harvest Moot Festival. Bring your friends. Find your community.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ready to Join? Want to Meet Up?

Email us at: contactus@theacdp.org or see our full contact info here.