2018 Board Members

Founder - Rev. Jeremiah Lennox

The curmudgeonly Druid Jeremiah has served the local community in a variety of ways over the years seeking to establish right relationship with the Land and all her children. The founder and first chairperson of the ACDP, he now serves as the Archpriest of The Nemeton of the Ways, a druidic community dedicated to serving the whole of the Land with nemeta both in New York and Ohio presently. He also serves as the current Secretary of The Interfaith Alliance of NYS.

Fun Fact: Jeremiah has achieved dual certification in Stick Whispering and Elderly Dame Impersonation.

Chair - V. Rising

Veronica Rising is currently serving her second year as Chair of the ACDP, after serving two years as Scribe, a role which she also takes on this year.

She has been a practicing Pagan for just over a decade, having begun her journey with Wicca and moving from there to a path of Eclectic Hellenic-inspired Witchcraft. V. was a member of the SUNY Fredonia Student Pagan Association, and the founder and president of the FMCC Pagan Circle. Although she was formerly a priestess of the (very) small Frog Hollow Coven, she is now a solitary practitioner. Her areas of interest include candle magic, ritual-craft, and exploring the philosophy of responsible cursing. She is also invested in making Wicca and witchcraft accessible to the younger generation, believing that children should be able to explore Paganism as easily as they may explore more conventional religious paths.

V. is also an actress, singer, poet, short story writer, and playwright; and an aspiring screenwriter and novelist. She will read your Tarot cards for a cold Dr. Pepper.

Fun Fact: While Ms. Rising is chiefly known for her general orneriness, she also excels in indiscriminate misanthropy.

Co-Chair - Nicholas Malinowski

Nick also takes on the role of Vendor Coordinator this year.

Fun Fact: Although commonly mistaken for a bear, Nick is actually a member of the raccoon family, Procyonidae.

Purse-Warden - Matthew Smyth

Fun Fact: Matthew turned down the roles of Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling, leading to Oscar wins for both of their eventual portrayers.