A Philip K. Dick Tribute

Legend of the Mind - a Philip K. Dick tribute: The 4th Stigmata

A Phildickian Trip thru Space, Time, and Beyond! 

Legend of the Mind by writer/artist Jeffrey Hopp is an homage to the hugely influential  American science fiction author Philip K. Dick (1928-1982). The critically acclaimed movie Blade Runner is an adaptation of Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which is typical of his work, featuring themes of questioning identity, shifting reality, secret government/corporate conspiracy and the mental/spiritual emancipation of the human species. Many of his other novels and short stories have been adapted for film and television over the years.

In Legends of the Mind our hero flits from one state of reality to the next, waking from a dream, activating or deactivating an immersive hologram, or being teleported to a new realm. There is no way of telling which, if any, of the arenas he finds himself in are 'real' reality or some alternative illusion.

Arrested for being a 'commie', he finds himself interrogated by a telepathic slime mold from Ganymede... a creature who soon becomes frustrated at David's dogged insistence on his conspiracy theories. Rescued from a mental institution by a mysterious author, he finds himself communing with a higher dimension of intelligence. A new journey begins!

Hopp has created a colorful, psychedelic adventure in which the reader is carried along a convoluted stream of events like a leaf riding rapids. The loosely-drawn, lively narrative panels are interspersed with dazzling full-page compositions of surreal magnificence. Space opera meets mysticism in a series of images that carries you beyond the familiar world and into pastures bizarre.

If you're looking for a comfortable, reassuring still point of reference, you are out of luck. All sense of stability is left behind in the heady rush through a seemingly never ending series of alternative universes. 


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