The 2nd Look

A medication-free alternative for chronic pain, tension or weakness

The 2nd Look provides resolution for chronic muscular based pain, tension or weakness in 1-2 visits through the procedure of dry needling. Receive immediate feedback for tension and strength changes at each visit following a regional evaluation. Examination techniques developed over 10 years and 4,000+ referrals consistently identify specific muscles or combinations of muscles that present as cramping, aching, burning, or throbbing.

Multiple clients have commended the more comfortable style and technique used in comparison to what they had experienced in other local facilities. Training for dry needling was completed with a nationally recognized program different from the other local facilities which have used a training program that emphasizes the technique of pistoning (repeated needling into the same location).

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, some strains will never leave me?"

Despite the routine muscle strain having a short presence (2 to 7 days) there are insults to the muscle or joint that result in muscles guarding against additional / future insults indefinitely. As the body's 'early warning system' the nerve and muscle systems amplify input which results in the sensations of squeezing, tearing, and stabbing when interacting with normal contact, tension, or exertion. Dry needling provides a 'reset' stimulus to return the nerve to muscle interaction to a normal level of activity.

Save your 'full spectrum' physical therapy visits for joint injuries or other conditions

Some health insurance programs have annual limits on physical therapy visits.

If you are looking for a short consultation for activity recommendations, exercise program development, or exercise instruction then I can provide a low cost option without expectations for recurrent visits.

Pricing - typical session $40 (see pricing tab for additional information)

Frequently asked questions (see FAQ tab for answers):

Do you take insurance? Why does insurance not cover dry needling? What should I do after the session?

I don't like needles; do you have anything else to offer? Is this a quick fix?