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The Yo-Yo community extends to nearly every part of the globe; from local meets to international competitions there is so much to enjoy. Increasingly as the community expands, it get gets more difficult to connect with new people. The Yo-Yo List looks to help combat that. Whether are already in a Yo-Yo Club looking to expand your group, or just a lone thrower curious about people in your area we are here for you.

For Clubs: Register your club for a chance to receive free merchandise for your group, and let other people know you’re in the area. When a person in your club’s radius signs up to the list, they will be provided the information to contact your club.

For Everyone: Sign up and help expand the map for throwers in your area. For safety reasons no addresses will be shared with anyone, just the communication method you chose to share (social media or email). There is no obligation to go beyond that and the level of communication is completely in your control.

The Yo-Yo list is a free, volunteer run service with the goal of helping us all know each other a little better. Help us out by encouraging throwers you know to sign up no matter where they are located.

If you would like to help the list, donate items for Yo-Yo Clubs or are a manufacturer interested in helping you can contact us at: theyoyolist @