Podding the Cast

The 'Yet As Un-Named Podcast' is a collaborative effort from Mark Keating (@shadowcat_mdk) and Tom Bloor (@tbsliver) and streamed via its own YouTube channel. Mark and Tom both identify as (currently) from the North West of England and live in the fair city of Lancaster where they work, and are enslaved, in the world of IT.

The Podcast will feature special guests and an occasional release schedule. You can Find the Videos on You Tube and they will be linked on this page (see link to Season Podcasts above and below).

The Content

Generally we talk about whatever we find interesting. This includes IT related subjects along with our personal hobbies but also elements from the news relating to science, technology, art, humanities and just about everything else. The Podcasts will also feature special guests who will discuss topics that they have more knowledge than our erstwhile hosts (which is almost everyone).

The videos are aimed at a mature audience as the themes, language and conceptual concept assume an adult audience. However we do not restrict age and insist that viewers of a sensitive nature, parents and guardians, follow the laws for their country or region and use discretion. The podcasts do not go out of their way to shock or be controversial but the subject matter and language is not restricted.


Do you want to ask Tom and Mark a question to be featured on a later episode of the As Yet Un-Named Podcast?

Please fill out a question in the form to the side. We treat all questions as confidential and you choose how you would like to be named..