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The World Protection Group provides gold standard executive protection for individuals, residences, and corporate property. Our approach is based on that of the U.S. Secret Service, and we specialize in celebrity security, VIP protection, and bodyguard services for high net worth individuals. We have an unblemished record of success protecting clients’ safety, confidentiality, and peace of mind. The World Protection Group operates worldwide and is based in Los Angeles.

The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) was founded in 2001. Based in Beverly Hills, CA, WPG employs a headquarters staff as well as a team of officers, analysts, executive protection agents, and investigators. WPG sources its operational employees from a pool of nearly 5000 agents including former secret service, former military dignitary protection, and private sector alumni from both Executive Security International and Executive Protection Institute.

In addition to its corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills, WPG also has offices in New York City, Mexico City, Mexico, and Shanghai, China. WPG is licensed and currently conducts business in the following US states: New York, Washington, and California. Furthermore, WPG has vetted over 30 resources globally and can service it’s clients worldwide.

WPG is a full-service international security firm that specializes in Executive Protection. Our philosophy and techniques are modeled after the United States Secret Service method of providing proactive and preventative protection. WPG has worked with some of the most high profile individuals in the world, and in the history of the firm has never experienced an incident that might have caused harm or embarrassment to its clientele.

WPG’s core client base includes Political Dignitaries, Corporate CEOs, and their staffs, High Net- Worth Individuals and their Families, Entertainment Organizations, Celebrities as well as Corporate Security.

Location: 311 North Robertson Boulevard, Suite 776, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Directions From These Locations: Greystone Mansion, Trousdale Estates, The Hilhaven Lodge, Beverly Hills High School, Roxbury Park


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Private Security Contractor Beverly Hills

High-Performance and Cost-Effective Security

The World Protection Group proposed a team of high level security agents, who would receive double the pay rate of the former guards. This team is made up of agents with law enforcement and military experience. Many have performed executive protection domestically and abroad and hold more than 400 hours of training each. They have vast experience working in estates like this one as well as higher threat level environments. Contrary to the former group of guards, they are fit and trained to collect protective intelligence in order to avoid an incident from ever occurring. In addition all WPG security agents were trained on the specific security issues and risks at the location prior to the take-over of the estate.

All of the WPG security agents received a refresher course in and are current with CPR, first aid, and AED certifications. Unlike the former company, WPG security agents will receive on-going security training on a regular basis. Finally, although we essentially doubled the pay rate of the agents compared to the previous company, WPG was also able to reduce the bill rate by 20% to bring it more in line with market pricing.

WPG proposed an annual maintenance contract to take over the security system with the objective to restore 100% use of the system and then to bring it up to 2011 standards over the next 12 months, at a cost of less than half of the previous vendor’s estimate.

The client was very pleased and highlighted the:

  • full service capability of the company
  • total transparency
  • cost savings
  • quality improvement
  • overall security improvement
  • and ability to mobilize quickly

as keys to their initial and ongoing satisfaction with WPG.

Executive Protection Beverly Hills
Executive Security Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Private Security Services

Protecting your most valuable assets – people, property and information – is critical to The World Protection Group (WPG).

WPG layers security around the client and his/her residence and workplace based on the U.S. Secret Service ‘3-Rings of Protection’ protocol. Techniques can include barriers, alarms, walls and gates, surveillance and counter surveillance, access control, protective intelligence, armored vehicles, counter-assault teams, and close-protection agents. The tactic provides maximum protection and minimum intrusion to the client.

We develop and implement security coverage that meets your security and safety requirements in a cost-effective manner both in the U.S. and abroad – where we have resources in 22 regions around the world serving 95% of the world’s cities.

Knowledgeable, experienced security consultants partner with you to conduct the security surveys and assessments necessary to determine adequate security measures to protect you. We work with you to create the post-orders, site standards and requirements, policies and procedures critical to securing your family, employees, guests, physical property and proprietary information.

001: Luxury Executive Protection

As the CEO of The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) of Beverly Hills, California, I have noticed a troubling trend over the past twenty years in the Protection Industry with high net worth clients. Much too often, these clients lack the understanding between effective and ineffective security.

Many billionaires possess exceptional business expertise, yet do not possess adequate experience in or knowledge of Executive Protection (EP) and security. As a result, they often rely on subpar businesses that have little or no knowledge of EP services, or who recruit employees who do not have formal EP training from an accredited EP Academy, to provide them with their security detail. This is often the case because these individuals seek to minimize the cost for their protection services instead of relying on the quality of service.

VIP Security Beverly Hills
VIP Protection Beverly Hills

Celebrity VIP Protection

The World Protection Group (WPG) was founded with celebrity and VIP protection in mind, drawing first on WPG President Kent Moyer’s many years’ experience as an elite bodyguard at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California. For over fifteen years, we have successfully protected celebrities’ safety, privacy, and lifestyle with an unblemished track record, including high-profile actors, musicians, athletes, diplomats, dignitaries, and others in the public eye. Protection services can be customized to include a VIP’s loved ones as well as their property, and Mr. Moyer personally overseas the strategy and operations of every celebrity protection detail.

Executive Protection: High Net Worth

The World Protection Group specializes in protecting high-net worth individuals and their families from any type of threat, invasion of privacy, random crime, and unnecessary embarrassment. Our highly-trained executive protection agents are trained to reduce risks to your security and privacy while operating with discretion and allowing you to maintain your normal lifestyle.

Our protocol is based on the U.S. Secret Service’s “3 Rings of Protection,” which provides maximum protection while minimizing intrusiveness and prioritizes proactive and preventative executive security.

A well-structured security engagement begins with thorough risk and vulnerability assessment of – as appropriate – your residence(s), corporate office(s), and you and your family’s lifestyle and routines. This allows us to identity, prioritize, and address your most potent sources of risk.

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Residential & Estate Security

The World Protection Group offers comprehensive security programs for private residences and estates with 24-hour, 7 day-a-week coverage and response.

Our engagements typically begin with a comprehensive threat and vulnerability analysis. Based on your security needs, we can provide armed and unarmed executive protection agents, electronic security systems, access control and perimeter tours, barriers, and alarms. We also review and optimize your security policies and procedures, and provide appropriate security awareness training for your family, staff, and visitors.

Corporate offices and Property

The World Protection Group provides comprehensive security for organizations’ corporate offices, information, and movable property. Our mission is to enhance your company’s security, public image, and the safety of your employees, customers, facilities, and assets.

We help organizations protect themselves against both external and internal threats. External threats include attacks from outside your organization against your employees and others who visit your office, theft of physical or intellectual property, and vandalism (a category that includes everything from graffiti to arson). Internal threats cover similar areas, but are triggered by employees themselves.

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The World Protection Group offers comprehensive security programs for private residences and estates with 24-hour, 7 day-a-week coverage and response.

While the risks of hiring unqualified security guards or bodyguards for your residence are obvious, it can also be wasteful, inefficient, and even risky to hire the “biggest and baddest” security personnel. Although combat skills are important for an executive protection agent, using physical force is a last resort and security personnel who are too “hungry for action” can escalate incidents that could otherwise be handled more discretely and professionally. This could create liability and negative publicity for you. The World Protection Group has never had a case of one if its agents using inappropriate or excessive force, and we also carry armed liability insurance to shield you from potential risk.

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Executive Protection Beverly Hills - (310) 390-6646 - The World Protection Group, Inc.
Executive Security Beverly Hills - (310) 390-6646 - The World Protection Group, Inc.
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Executive Security Beverly Hills - (310) 390-6646 - The World Protection Group, Inc.