Boys to Men Enrichment Program

Enriching and Teaching Young Men

"Boys to Men" is an enrichment program based on three principles: tutoring, personal development, and extracurricular activities.

  • Education is the cornerstone of growth needed throughout life, thus our program offers personal tutoring to assist in this investment.
  • Our primary goal is to establish attributes such as leadership skill, moral integrity, self-sufficiency, and confidence.
  • As an enrichment program, Boys to Men also offers extracurricular activities and outings as part of character building.
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Field Trips throughout School Year

This school year will be packed with new experiences and extracurricular activities to learn from.

  • Natural History Museum
  • Central Library
  • Labrea Tar Pits
  • Pasadena Playhouse

Dress for Success Thursday

Thursday's are Dress for Success Days for the members of the enrichment Program. The Program Staff take time to talk to the young men and explain to them why it's important to know how to present yourself in school and society. The young men in their shirts and ties are more distinguished on their school campus. They have a professional look and are often complimented on their appearance.

Rewarding Outstanding Performance

Graduate and Program Director Imari Wingham presents Hector Lopez with a reward for dressing sharp and modeling "The Perfect Student". The program believes in rewarding desirable behavior and good manners with the best kind of incentives, in this case a gift card to a gaming store. The young men congratulate their brother in being rewarded.

Community Outreach in Downtown LA

Members of the program give back to the community by preparing and handing out lunches for the Homeless and less fortunate. Truly a humbling moment to be in a position of giving to someone you might not normally give any attention to if you were going about you daily business. The young men and woman that came out on a Saturday didn't have to but made the commitment to be there to do something positive.