Upcoming Events

14th Annual Banquet

June 10th, 2018 6pm @ Pickwick Garden Burbank CA (Boys Meet at JMMS @ 4:00pm)

We wish you a fun and safe Summer Vacation.

Program Calendar

Our upcoming events, outings, activities and Program meetings that your participation is welcomed and appreciated. Please feel free to contact the Boys to Men Staff for more information.

Upcoming 14th Annual TYME Foundation Banquet

Over the past 14 years, the TYME Foundation has weathered through the many changes in the community it serves and has still delivered on its promise to our young African and Latino men. Amidst all of the challenges and uncertainty, the TYME foundation has found ways to continue to offer enrichment opportunities for our youth. A strong core of volunteering members has tirelessly given their "TYME" to ensure that the Boys to Men and Sisters of Boys to Men after-school program continues to orient our students around the four pillars of our organization: Faith, Integrity, Culture, and Commitment.

Tickets are now available.

Homeless Outreach Luncheon 2/17/18

The members of Boys to Men, Graduates, High School Students, and Parents all gathered at 7th and Wall to pass out lunches and water to the homeless February 17, 2018. The event lasted until 12:30 pm, but the outreach was received with warm hearts and thankful smiles. the young men were able to provide a service while learning the value of giving when seeing someone is in need. The Outreach was a major success and thank you to all those that provided resources and their time.

Thanksgiving with Boys To Men 11/23/17

Boys To Men Program had a successful feed the homeless service Thanksgiving morning. Over 40 people came out to help support the TYME Foundations efforts to make sure no one this holiday season goes without a warm meal. Thank you, all that came out and have a wonderful rest of the year. Happy Holidays!

Check out the slideshow below of graduates, members, parents, and students coming together and being the change you want to see in the community.

BTM TG Pro 2017

Boys To Men After School Program Referral

The Boys to Men After School Referral form allows for any parent, administrator, school counselor or teacher to recommend a student. Please complete the referral form and submit it.

The Program Directors will review the form for consideration of a student and contact parents to arrange a meeting. A completed program application must be submitted before any student can participate in the Boys To Men After School Enrichment program.