Swell is proud to launch a new Portfolio Fund

The Fund invests in a unique niche and its advantage is the team's historic ability (since 2006) to source undervalued assets, then incorporating award-winning design into the project. Projected IRR is 14%-22% with downside investor protection as a core principle.

Target Assets

Mixed and Single Use Properties with a focus on residential, while also incorporating hospitality and commercial properties. Assets are purchased in the $2M - $10M range and predominantly require entitlements and construction, and/or a total redesign.

Investment Geography

Coastal San Diego and opportunities in other unique work / live / play areas such as Lake Tahoe, the Pacific Northwest, and Coastal California.

Fund Size

A 506(c) Reg D offering, the First Phase of the Fund will be $100M with the Fund's Second Phase bringing the total raise to $250M. The minimum investment is $250K, with a target investment range of $1M to $35M.