The Social -Distance Art Show 2021

A temporary website for local Waupaca Art, dreamed up by some locals because of Covid-19 restrictions and the desire to see new ART!

As much as the art community of Waupaca would rather be gathering in person this spring to share the abundance of creativity from our area, we are reminded of Edgar Degas, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” With this spirit, we are adapting again to bring the Visual Arts virtually to our community. With hope for the future, we keep the light on for the tradition of the Waupaca Fine Art Show to return and look forward to that celebration, but for now, please help us celebrate virtually, the wonders of creativity and community.

**No judging, prizes or rewards or other recognition for this event. This is not an Art Sale. If you wish to purchase art, contact the artist directly. The site owners reserve the right to reject any submissions deemed offensive or otherwise not complying with the purpose and community spirit herein, with no notification or recourse. Content will be promoted on Facebook.


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Photo by Fred Forseth
Acrylic by Joan Holman
Ceramic by Dort De Wild
Video by Jan Komoll-Owen
Compilation by Peggy Riemer
Graphite Pencil by Taylor Konczal

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Questions? SDArtShow2021@gmail.comSite Coordinators: Dort De Wild, Jan Owen, Fred Forseth and Joan Holman Created 4/2021