Welcome to my Girl Scout Silver Award! My name is Ella Glassman of Girl Scout Troop 10685. I designed this website for newly diagnosed scoliosis patients who are beginning their journey with scoliosis and wearing a brace. We are going to talk about getting the brace, the emotions behind it, how to talk to people about it, the positives of a brace and a lot more. The point of this site is to make you feel more prepared and comfortable about facing scoliosis and wearing your new brace. When I was first diagnosed, I felt very alone, didn't know who to talk to or even where to go to find support. This is why I wanted to build this site; I want others to have the resource for information, advice, and encourage that I wish I had when I started my journey.

I hope this can be your first stop for support when you hear the diagnosis scoliosis and the place you return to when you need some "scoop" about living with your brace.