Tuesdays 16:00-17:00/17:30 (Amsterdam time)

1 Do major changes in the education system affect human capital accumulation? 26/1/2021

Bold and bright? Italy’s 1962 School Reform and Human Capital Accumulation, Gabriele Cappelli, Leonardo Ridolfi and Michelangelo Vasta

Fading Legacies – Human Capital in the Aftermath of the Partitions of Poland, Andreas Backhaus

2 Education, political factors and dictatorships: worsening human capital or big push? 2/2/2021

Can autocracy promote literacy? Evidence from a cultural alignment success story, Nuno Palma and Jaime Reis

Export incentives, industrial policy and primary education under military rule in Brazil, 1967-1985, Thomas Kang and Isabela Menetrier

3 Enclave economies and education 9/2/2021

Withdrawal of the state? The provision of primary schooling in Mozambique under indigenato, Pablo Fernandez-Cebrian

Literacy and the Mining Industry in the late 19th-century Spain, Adrian Palacios-Mateo

4 Ownership structures, elites and the regional diffusion of education 23/2/2021

Land Ownership, Geography and Literacy: Historical Evidence from Greek Regions, Benos Nikos, Karagiannis Stelios and Sofia Tsitou

"For The Benefit of the Church and the State”: School Supply and Demand in an Early Modern Proto-Industrial Area in Switzerland, Gabi Wuethrich

5 The expansion of education in Imperial Russia 2/3/2021

Institutional Change and Rural Primary Education in Late Imperial Russia, Steven Nafziger

Landed Elite and Expansion of Primary Schooling in the Russian Empire, Viktor Malein

6 Gender equality and education: evidence from Europe and Africa 9/3/2021

Educational Gender Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Long-term Perspective, Joerg Baten, Michiel de Haas, Elisabeth Kempter and Felix Meier-Zu Selhausen

Roots of Gender Equality: the Persistent Effect of Beguinages on Attitudes Toward Women, Annalisa Frigo and Eric Roca Fernandez

7 Human capital accumulation and regional economic performance 16/3/2021

The Impact of State-Provided Education: Evidence from the 1870 Education Act, Benjamin Milner

Education supply and economic growth in nineteenth-century France, Adrien Montalbo

Poverty, inequality and education in preindustrial Spain: A new perspective from individual-level data, Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia and Francisco Marco-Gracia

8 The role of transnational and supranational institutions in shaping education 23/3/2021

Technical education in Post-war Southern Europe, Mattia Granata

The Role Of The EU In The Integrated Framework And Homogenization Of Education System, Brankika Todorovic

Hanseatic Education: From Medieval Merchants to Enlightenment Bourgeoisie, Alex Collin

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9 Ideas, culture and "the Nation": how do they shape education? 13/4/2021

Were there any national education systems in the nineteenth century, and if so, in what sense? The construction of a regionalized education system in Sweden, Johannes Westberg

Educational expansion in Socialist Serbia after the Second World War, Igor Vukadinovic

Re-Visiting Social History Data – The Production, Aggregation, and Evaluation of Data in Prussian School Statistics at the Beginning of the 20th Century, Jan Uredat, Marcelo Caruso, Anna Lindner, Fanny Isensee, Daniel Töpper

10 Large-scale efforts to measure education and its determinants 20/4/2021

Regional Human Capital Database, Jane Gingrich and Daniel MacArthur

The Rise in Primary Education in an Italian Region in the Nineteenth century: Teachers' issue and their impact on the social and economic development of Sardinia, Fabio Pruneri and Federico Piseri

Investment in Primary Education and Regional Inequality in Imperial Brazil (1850-1890), Vinicius Müller

11 The regional diffusion of secondary education and the university-growth nexus 27/4/2021

The Rise of Danish Secondary Schools 1850–1950, Christian Larsen

The extension of secondary education in Spain, 1857-1901, Pau Insa-Sanchez and Alfonso Diez-Minguela

The Research University, Invention, and Industry: Evidence from German History, Jeremiah E. Dittmar and Ralf Meisenzahl

12 The technology-education race in Britain and the US 4/5/2021

Internal Migration and the Diffusion of Schooling in the US, Vasily Rusanov

Was there a race between technology and education in Victorian and Edwardian Britain?, David Mitch

Data dilemmas in England’s early human capital deficit, Louis Henderson

13 Literacy and education in Spain 11/5/2021

Electoral politics, centralization and education investment in Spain 1901-22, Paola Azar and Sergio Espuelas Barroso

Lordships, State Capacity and Beyond: Literacy Rates in mid-nineteenth century Valencia, Francisco J. Beltrán-Tapia, Alfonso Diez-Minguela, Alicia Gómez-Tello, Julio Martinez-Galarraga and Daniel Tirado