Situated in a vibrant urban neighborhood in Pasadena, California, the Residency Project @ 880 provides ample space to live and work with access to the thriving arts scenes, diverse cultural landscape, and natural resources of Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.

Land Acknowledgement

Pasadena has a rich and storied history. The word Pasadena itself is a Chippewa term meaning "of the valley," a name adopted by white settlers of the Indiana Colony who established themselves in this area of Southern California in 1874 to escape harsh Midwest winters. While the city's name stems from the Chippewa, a Native American tribe from the mid-western territories from which these settlers came, the land now known as Pasadena was actually first known as Hahamog'na and was occupied by the Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe, whose inhabitance spanned the Los Angeles Basin. Despite horrific attempts to systematically eradicate indigenous peoples, the Gabrielino-Tongva community persists and thrives today. The Residency Project acknowledges their history, presence, and future. Reparations begin with acknowledgment, but they don't end there. The Residency Project would be proud to partner with Gabrielino-Tongva artists and leaders, and we make space for those conversations and collaborations.

Programs @ 880

We currently offer 3 residency programs and 2 fellowships, with varying terms of stay and levels of engagement.


We invite applicants of all races, ethnicities, national origins/citizenship (international applicants are welcome), religious affiliations, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Our programs are not medium-specific and are perfect for creative practitioners from many different disciplinary backgrounds or with a cross-disciplinary practice.


  • The Residency Project @ 880 is not medium-specific but we do have limitations in terms of what kinds of facilities and equipment we are able to provide; for example, we do not have a kiln, stationary woodworking tools... Please see Facilities to find out what we're able to offer here at 880! When possible, we will also try to partner with local organizations who may have the equipment you're looking for.
  • The property at 880 has stairs and, therefore, is therefore not fully ADA-accessible.
  • Unfortunately, our own language skills are limited to English. Communication is extraordinarily important in short-term, communal living situations like ours here at 880. We welcome multi-lingual applicants with fluent proficiency in English.
  • At this time, we are not able to guarantee any program fee relief, travel assistance, or visa sponsorship. However, we do encourage accepted applicants to seek outside funding support, and we can assist in pointing you in the direction of resources.