At this time the Residency Project is reliant on program fees to cover operational expenses and program-related costs, but our goal is to be able to offer financial support to our artists-in-residence. While we can't guarantee funding, the Residency Project fundraises with the goal of reimbursing our artists for at least some, if not all, of their program fee. If raised funds exceed the cost of our artists' program fees, we dedicate surplus monies to cover associated costs (like groceries and travel) as well as overhead costs of the program.

Artists accepted to the Residency Project are encouraged to use this helpful planning/budgeting tool provided by the Alliance of Artists Communities. We've gone ahead and filled some of it out to get you started!


We encourage artists to take advantage of the funding sources that are generously listed on the Alliance of Artists Communities website (and any other grants you are aware of) to help cover or offset the cost of your program fee.