Art Fellowship


Art Fellows will be selected to directly assist our artists-in-residence with a specific project related to the resident's artistic research and professional practice. The fellow should demonstrate the skill set needed to adequately drive forward the progress of the resident's project. At the same time, the student fellow will receive mentorship from the artist-in-residence, as well as substantive assignments and clear directives about how they can assist the project.


PAID Short-Term Fellowship — Summer 2019

The Residency Project is seeking candidates for a one-week PAID fellowship (June 15-19, 2019), working alongside our artist-in-residence, Los Angeles-based artist Lois Keller, as a dedicated studio assistant on Keller's current project, A Collection of Portraits. The fellow will gain valuable insight into the everyday practice of a professional artist in a residency and studio setting. This fellowship will provide a student or recent graduate with hands-on experience working closely with a professional artist, assisting in the preparation and organization of materials, participating in artwork creation and documentation, among other responsibilities. The fellow will receive a $250 stipend for the week-long fellowship.

Deadline to apply: April 30, 2019

Required Qualifications

The Residency Project seeks a fellow who is:

  • a current or recently graduated student from a degree-seeking program in the arts or a course of study relevant to the prevalent themes in Keller’s work
  • motivated by current events, loves history, and is interested in creative ways to explore both
  • invested in social issues, activism and community
  • interested in collage and/or other art forms that incorporate sustainable practices or found/repurposed materials
  • organized and enjoys methodical, process-based studio practices
  • familiar with the use of social media and web platforms to connect with communities and promote an artistic practice
  • skilled to assist with photographing/filming the process and documenting finished works
  • able to travel to and from Pasadena, CA

About Lois Keller and the Fellowship Project

Lois Keller’s series, A Collection of Portraits, started as pictorial musings of females in the media through collage, using recycled Trader Joe's grocery bags from under the kitchen sink. It has developed into a series much beyond that. The subjects Keller chooses have become as important as her technique and material. Geena Davis, Meryl Streep, Alice Guy-Blaché, Emma Watson all spoke to Keller, as a mother raising two girls in a media frenzied landscape. She wanted to highlight how the media could be an amazing tool for positive change. This led to portraits of leaders who champion causes that call for collective action (or, as Keller puts it, a “collage” of people) in order to to effect change, like Hillary Clinton’s It Takes a Village and Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Keller also made collages of actors who portray historical figures in film portraits (like Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill), in an exploration of how those portrayals may skew our perception of events in history.

Then the May 2017 white supremacist rally took place in Charlottesville, and young Heather Heyer was killed in an attack on a group of anti-racist counter-protesters. This was quickly followed the Portland Max incident, a fatal attack on three men who were standing up to protect two teenage girls against violent hate speech. News. Media. Hate. Violence. How did we get here? Keller felt deeply and personally affected by these incidents, particularly as a mother of two daughters, and she felt compelled to share her empathy, her anger, and her harsh realization that the heroic act of standing up to racism was something you could lose your life over, even in 2017.

Following these traumatic events, Keller was able to connect with others in her community who were also in shock and struggling to heal, by simply visiting her local grocery store. She collected bags from them in solidarity, went home, and pieced Heather Heyer back together.

“These events that happen to people feel like more than news to me,” Keller says. “The people do not feel like strangers. I feel a connection with them. The ‘news’ is a reflection of me, and this [work] is my way of expressing that. Through the ordinary brown paper grocery bag I have crafted a portrait of extraordinary people that may transform the viewer’s perception of the mundane. The material - hundreds of pieces of hand-torn grocery bags - is integral to this idea. I let the material speak for itself without a single brushstroke or mark of my own, relying only on the print of the bags.”

A Collection of Portraits consists of the collages Keller has already produced, as well as new works for an upcoming solo exhibition Keller intends to create while at the Residency Project this summer. Subjects of interest for this next stage of her project include major political figureheads as well as everyday people whose stories in the media have made an impact on Keller and on us all.

Deadline: April 30, 2019