Art Education Fellowship


Our Art Education Fellow will be selected to work closely with our Education Director to develop and implement an individualized STEAMS curriculum for a child between the ages of 7 and 12. The fellow should demonstrate the experience and skills needed to build a custom curriculum, research local field trip opportunities, lead hands-on instructional units in a variety of subject areas, and create a safe and engaging space for learning.

Our Education Director will serve as a mentor for this fellow.

The Residency Project @ 880 provides a five-day/five-hour-a-day curriculum for our child-in-residence, with breaks for snacks, lunch, and free play. The curriculum varies throughout the one-week period and can include both onsite activities and field trips to local cultural institutions and community centers. Classes are lead by our residency staff and our Art Education Fellow (you!), a degree-seeking student in art education, youth education, or a related field.

Activities include but are not limited to:

    • exploratory art studios
          • sculpture
          • collage
          • digital media
          • photography
          • puppetry
          • performance
    • creative writing workshops
    • science and math labs
    • cooking
    • gardening
    • nature walks
    • movie screenings
    • athletic play
    • free play
    • field trips


Coming soon!

The application for this fellowship requires that students include one letter of recommendation (from a professor or employer) and two other professional/academic references. These are weighted heavily in the assessment of a viable fellowship candidate.