• New delivery provider and option
  • Same day delivery and next day delivery
  • No standard packaging requirements
  • Unique last mile consumer focused experience
  • Retailers maintain their brands
  • Evening delivery
  • Holiday delivery
  • Retail specific delivery
  • 3PL warehouse specific delivery
  • B2C specific delivery
  • B2B specific delivery

New Delivery Option: Scalable, Faster, Cheaper, Eco-friendly, Better!


Urgency can be a factor in the delivery of certain controlled substances.

PigeonShip is a hyper-local same day delivery service. This unique model can execute a delivery in as little as one hour.


PigeonShip provides parties with ultimate delivery transparency. Consumers are notified when their order is picked up and can track the delivery in real-time until delivery verified delivery confirmation is made.


PigeonShip has the largest and most dynamic delivery fleet, but without putting more vehicles on the road. PigeonShip uses already going there vehicles to maximize efficiency and minimize the PigeonShip footprint, putting freight charges already being spent in the pockets of local hard working qualified citizens of the community. Standard packaging not required. Save a tree, it's free!

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