Our Story

Adoption is one of the most crucial parts of any believer's story. We have been adopted into the best family of all time - God's.

He stopped at nothing to bring us into His Kingdom, and even if things don't always work out as we hoped, He always loves us - which is even better!

And that is where our story begins.

Johnathon and I have always felt the call to adopt - we were both pretty dead set on it even before we got married. We knew God would make things abundantly clear and provide for us, as He always does.

We made the plunge into parenthood after some rough months of trying to get pregnant. In those moments, the Lord strengthened this idea of adoption even further. So once Jameson was old enough, we started talking to people and began the application process for a domestic adoption. When we filed our application, they told us it would be one to four years before we were matched.

LITERALLY the day after our application got approved, my mom calls to inform me that she knows a girl through her nonprofit who needs help. Johnathon and I sat down with this girl and her man over Christmas break and, long story short, we called an adoption agency two days later to get this adoption process officially started.

Baby is due at the end of March and it feels like we are racing against time. We need to set up a second nursery, the birth mother needs prenatal care, and we need to raise $35,000. It's a lot. But our God is greater!

So that's where you come in - we need your prayers (for baby to stay in there until as close to the due date as possible, for the birth parents to feel loved and to accept the help they need, for our hearts to grow in love and yet be guarded as we never know what can happen). We also need financial support - we have some savings, but we have substantially less time than we originally thought to get all of the money required to make this adoption legal. And whether this baby comes into our home or not, we know we will be adopting - so whenever that official placement happens, we need your company - because there is no way we can raise a baby without the amazing community that surrounds us.

We are excited to be on this journey with each of you!