9,830 Spots Remain of 10,000

Our Objective

We seek to EMPOWER those who use the internet for business to consistently gain more website traffic to drive sales and make more money by creating digital pathways for your business' success. This will allow you to spread your marketing message farther, easier, faster and more effectively through search engines, communities and direct contact. Our software creations will allow you to target potential customers based on demographics such as gender, age, ethnicity, interests, location and focus.

The Problem

Successfully promoting a website or business online can be expensive & time consuming. Many small businesses, website owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, social media marketers, drop shippers, and web store owners struggle to get traffic and sales.  Google isn't indexing and ranking your content fast enough and you are at your wits end.  

The Solution

We develop software that makes getting eyeballs easier. Game-Changer, we help you team up with 10,000 other online businesses, to lower your marketing costs while expanding your marketing reach. By paying $5/mo. these people shoulder the costs of hundreds of coders developing our own marketing tools, letting our businesses reap the benefits and grow bigger, stronger, faster, gaining loads of traffic and making lots of money. Your monthly $5 performs like $50,000 for you . 

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you succeed. To help turn micro and small businesses into high 6 figures earners+. (results may vary)

What We Do

We research and develop marketing tools that provide you the ability to reach audiences easier and faster by tapping into existing internet traffic streams .

What We Want

We want you to become a member using $5 per month to fund the teams who are working for you to make your website and web business a success. Help us help you. 

What You Get

You get a dedicated marketing team working on your behalf.

        You get your marketing budget multiplied by 10,000X.

-          A marketing strategists & consultant team who researches marketing angles, devises software angles and proposed software frame work. (What marketing problem needs solving)

-          A marketing angle analysis team to match up real-time problem/solution comparison and feasibility review.

-          A UI and UX design team devises software layout using software best practices regimen.

-          Coding Teams develop software solution for our members.

-          Distribution and Training team creates training documentation and distributes solution.

-          Access to HUNDREDS of marketing services and marketing tools that are developed as a result of the research and development. We have innovative marketing tool designs in the queue with (use costs estimations) of $19 - $799 per month. Access to thousands of dollars worth of services and software (You’ll get access To ALL Projects You Participate In Funding FREE FOR LIFE)

It's like having your own research an development team working to make your business a success every month for just $5.

What We’ve Done Recently

We've developed and launched The BillSecret app that provides an innovative way for affiliates to receive multiple purchases from a single customer using the "sells emotions" strategy. You can see it here: http://billsecret-app.mg-mg.xyz

We've developed and launched the Channel Guard Service which allows social media users to backup their following and subscribers just in case of account suspension, allowing them to restore their account quicker. You can see it here: http://channelguard.org

And many many more but these are just the last few months.

What We Plan On Doing

We plan to ease your work load and enhance your marketing ability by creating powerful traffic driving marketing tools and services of our own design. Also, we plan to duplicate and improve well known existing marketing tools and services such as those found here https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/marketing-tools 


And instead of you having to pay $29 and $799 per month for each tool, You will get access to all of them for that same $5.

What Else Can You Do To Help?

Get your subscription and spread the word. The better funded this project is, the more tools and services that can be cranked out and the more specialized tools you will have access to and the faster you'll get'em.

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