The Minigame Update

June 19, 2019

A new update for Darkhouse is now available. Version 0.1 is the first update to add new content to the game, and it features a new screen visible after pressing Start on the home screen. From this screen you can choose between the normal game and a new game mode called the Practice Minigame. This mode is unlocked once you reach the first locked room in Level 1, and higher level minigames are unlocked the same way for their corresponding level. So once you reach the locked room in Level 2, you'll unlock the Level 2 minigame, and so on.

The new mode doesn't save your score to the scoreboard, though you can still view your score in the top right corner like normal. It is intended to allow players to practice their skills, or to play just for fun. That way, if you lose in a higher level, you don't have to go through every preceding level to get back and get familiar with the difficulty of the harder level.

A couple bugs were also fixed, and as always, if you find a new bug in the game and I haven't included it on my bug list, let me know about it.