The Cathartic Path

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Author's Note: This story is based on the Descent of Inanna, a Sumerian myth in which the goddess Inanna descends into the Underworld to attend the funeral of her sister Ereshkigal's husband. With each gate she encounters, she must surrender one of the mythical mes (pronounced mays), items that possess godly powers and meanings. I don't want to spoil the ending, but let's just say that her sister is not happy to see her. This is believed to be the first resurrection story in recorded history, predating the birth of Jesus by more than a thousand years.

For this version, I chose to make it a personal exploration of different aspects of identity and have the player encounter their Shadow self. While there are seven gates of the Underworld in the original myth, for simplicity's sake I condensed it to three for this one.

Each me, or as I have decided to call it 'piece of power', signifies something different. I wanted to make each choice customizable to the player's preference. I have painstakingly avoided the use of gender throughout the entire story so that everyone can place themselves inside it.

I had so much fun creating this story. I hope you have fun playing it!

Bibliography. "Descent of Inanna" from Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Kramer, 1983.

Image: Cave descent