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Jolene is a uniquely converted horse trailer bar that comes with everything you need to serve your favorite beverages while offering your guests a fun experience and a photo-worthy backdrop. Perfect for any kind of event!

Jolene is approximately 13’ long x 8’ wide and has 2 main serving windows and two barn doors in the back. There is room for custom marketing on the front and both sides of the trailer bar. Jolene requires a nearby power source or our generator (which can be rented for a small fee.)

Jolene's most popular feature is a sleek-looking two-tap keg cooler which has the ability to crank out 10+ chilled gallons per hour and includes a Nitro tap! We also LOVE serving batches of Mocktails and Cocktails too!

Since Jolene is a dry bar rental only, we help you calculate the number of beverages and ice you'll need as well as put you in touch with our preferred vendors (who will help coordinate your order for delivery)! On the day of the event, we arrive early to secure the trailer bar and set up your beverages. Our friendly bartenders are professional and certified in responsible serving.

Beyond events such Corporate, Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, ect, Jolene is also available to host events such as a Book Launch, Story Reading, Art Party, Open House, Pop-up, Brand Launch, Brand Awareness, or anything else you can think of! Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind!