What does the future bring and what are the upcoming challenges for humanity? What does it mean to wake up into a world in transition?

We must develop a higher order perspective of our reality. We need this to truly get the implications of what is going on and what we can do.

Being what we are today will not face up to the transition dynamics coming our way. We need aware humans knowing how to develop consciousness, energy and lifeforce. We need people who are able to work with the holographic realities and not just by mechanical means. but by the use of original human knowledge.

The HAL Project Online Magazine is not a traditional magazine.

The main idea is to share information and tell narratives of our world from a higher awareness perspective and via this new way of sharing information, to provide new concepts of what it means to be human.

The HAL Project Blue Flower has in the middle HAL LIVING.

The HAL Project Online Magazine podcasts and articles focus on the new ways of being human in a world of change.


Our world is bigger than we think and we need to incorporate that into our perception to truly grasp the higher order sciences such as the understanding of our reality field, the energetic laws governing us and our world, and what it means to unfold the full version of our reality. If we continue to exclude these levels of our reality, from our perception and understanding of our solar system, we exclude our chances of new perspectives, which could generate new alternatives and solutions to a better future for us all.

As we upgrade our energetic perception capacities, we get skilled in exercising the double awareness, i.e. we are doing the outer surface thing while being observant and cognizant of what is going on in the other dimensions connected to the area, we are in, or what is going on in the humans around us and in front of us. If we do that, we will get better at dealing with the challenges of the future.

The idea here is to give the information of what is needed to set the goals we are to strive for, and why it is important for us to do so. From this level of understanding, it will be easier to make effective choices of what to do, and how.


My focus is to educate people to be able to process the higher order levels of information and to make anyone who is eager to do so, ready to think in progressive ways. Because, as the mind expands so does the ability to adapt to changes along with the knowledge of how to face the changes, and what they bring about, in productive ways.

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Reality is changing. We kind of know that due to the changes in the world setup, and we have days with doubt and self-search, questioning ourselves if we have the right job, having the right partner and if we took the right turn and followed the new dynamics then perhaps we would have the choice of doing something different. Whatever that is. We question our very foundation of existence every single day; at least those of us that feel the pull of change. However, we are not really sure, if we are doing what we are supposed to do. Whatever that is.

But what if we could change that? What if we could live a life with progression and new situations, we create ourselves? With changes of lifestyle, knowledge and situations in a world of change, in a world of possible scenarios, ranging from inner creations of mind to outer creations of matter?

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The future is not just about reconnecting to our higher order capacities and consciousness; it is just as much about an understanding of our willed participation in an evolutionary journey into becoming a higher order society.

It is to acknowledge that we are not alone but exist within a sector full of other races doing their version of a developmental journey, in their attempt to master energy and consciousness in the worlds, they are part of.


What is alternate reality perception? For those of us that are living the HAL way, with a higher order perception level turned on, reality is far more than just the materialistic world with its atomic matter base and frequency perceptions.

Most people perceive within the frequency spectrum and the vibrational dynamics determined by the cellular rotation angle and by that the cellular magnetic field. This ensures an interference pattern in alignment with the energies processed by the Earth´s magnetic field as well as the ELF settings of the Schuman Resonance. Our cells vibrate in alignment with these and by that create our perception of reality.

However, we are more that are starting to perceive - as in see and sense in new energetic ways by altered states of awareness - the other hidden realms that are part of our world. I am not here talking about quantum sight, so to speak, but other-dimensional sight and other density level perception which are equally part of our reality field. And it is within this extra sensory perception field, that the HAL Living Alternate Reality has its foundation.

Before we truly can work with our future, some psycho-energetic anthropology is needed. Where do humans come from? I will here give my version as I recall it.

Only if we truly understand our past, can we work to regain our true consciousness structure.

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The HAL Project and the HAL Academy are aimed at teaching these concepts as part of the original the higher order sciences for an expanded and activated humanity.

The HAL Academy Online Courses are for the ones who are ready to take responsibility for their own path of evolution, by following the guidelines of the higher order sciences.

There are 4 YouTube Channels and HAL Blogs have their own level of information and can be studies as a complete set of videos and text material to ponder upon.


After the transition process of the in our sector solar-stellar-terrestrial trinity systems, any viable system with potentials for life, in our sector, will continue its evolutionary cycles within the DE2 as the lowest point of organic existence. And that is what is coming our way. Energetic upgrades on three fronts. That is bound to have a huge impact on the density 1.

The timeline event energies are decaying and most of the genetics from ATE period are now highly infested and contaminated with the 3rd cycle energies, since they have not been cleared out, as the original plan was with the Er´Th Restoration Program.

Because of the lack of energy, and the growing abyss beneath our universe, all that is within the DE1 must transform into either middle domain energies (LPRF1-DE2) or completely merged with LPRF2 networks to continue and what cannot, will be absorbed into the before the timeline event outdated 3rd cycle. This cycle was left behind eons ago and consequently it is not viable for a continuation of any prolonged organic existence.

The NGC unfolds over several decades to complete its sequences of activation and closing down of reality fields that are no longer viable and functional.

Would it not be nice if we all had been activated in the higher scientific sense of the word? If a large portion of humanity by now had learned the higher order sciences and were able to work via these information complexes to derive true energetic information about the reality, we actually live in?

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