Finesse Thread

100% polyester

50wt 3ply

1500yd mini-cone.

Finesse is the quilter’s thread. It is designed to work smoothly

for both longarm machines and domestic machines. Unlike

other threads, Finesse is a small, stackable mini-cone ideal

for trying new fun colors without committing to a whole cone

of thread. Quilters will love Finesse because it is strong, soft,

colorfast, and inexpensive—perfect for professional and

novice quilters alike.


Finesse thread is durable, light-weight and its 3ply 100% polyester material is much stronger than cotton. It is strong enough for any type of quilting, but also thin enough to prevent adding bulk when piecing a quilt. Even 100% cotton purists will find that Finesse does the job right. It is thin, tough, nearly lint-free, but it does not give off the artificial looking shine that some polyester threads have. It is quilter-friendly, glides easily through the machine, and is a blessing to all quilters who have been fighting thread tension! The Finesse mini-cone is the perfect balance between a thread spool and a thread cone. It is designed to serve the same purpose as a standard size cone, but Finesse threads stack on each other to save space! Each mini-cone has 1500 yards of thread, which is the perfect amount for the quilter who just wants enough thread for their one project eliminating wasted thread. Because Finesse is so inexpensive, the quilter has the freedom to use more colors in the same project without breaking the bank!


Finesse is a 50wt 3ply 100% polyester thread. It is available in 20 colors and 40 variegated colors in 1500 yd mini-cones.


The perfect choice for longarm, midarm, shortarm quilting, domestic sewing machines as well as other various sewing projects!


Finesse thread is perfect for quilting; it is strong, soft, and makes setting machine tension easy. This thread was designed to work perfectly with our Q’nique quilting machines.

*Colors seen may not be reflective of actual thread colors.

Just $10.99 a cone for solids and $13.99 a cone for variegated.