Grace Quilting Products

The Qnique 21

is the newest quilting machine made by the Grace Company. This large 21 inch machine has all the feature you need for professional long-arm quilting but at a price that can't be beat.

The Qnique 15R

took the world by storm when it was released just three years ago. Though others have tried to imitate this mighty little machine it can not be duplicated. Made for quilters by Grace Company. Can be used on most Grace Frames.

Qnique 15M

The same great quality as the rest of the Qnique 15 series just it only runs in manual mode.

Qnique 15SD

For those who are space conscious, the Qnique 115 sit-down is a must have. Best of all you have the option to convert your Qnique onto a frame later.

Automated Quilting

Quilter's Creative Touch 4 is top-of-the-line quilting automation. Quilting has never been easier or simpler. Now with Quilter's Creative Touch 4: Beginnings it also has never been more affordable.

Grace Frames

Grace Company has been known for over thirty years for making quality quilting frames, and no-one does it better.

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