Cheryl Carp

Cheryl has lived and worked in the Seattle area for nearly 35 years. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with most of her work focusing on crisis services and support for those with complex medical and mental health conditions. She is a co-founder of The Goochy Project and is passionate about working to break down barriers for under-resourced people in our community so they can meet their needs without losing their beloved pets. When not working in the community, Cheryl enjoys spending time in the mountains with Goochy and friends.

Camille Smith

Camille works for the Ashesi University Foundation and moved to Seattle from Kansas City, Missouri in 2017. She lives with her two cats, Poe and Suki, and believes that no one should ever have to be separated from their pet due to poverty or a lack of resources. She holds a BA in Finance and has three years of experience in nonprofit administration and fundraising.

Sara Price

Sara moved into the field of animal welfare after almost two decades as a successful management consultant working globally. Originally a physicist, Sara spent her early years in entrepreneurship, operations and strategy for a manufacturing firm. Sara was awarded an MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK in 2009. Since that time, Sara relocated permanently to the United States and has made her home in the Pacific Northwest with her partner Mike and two cats, Fry & Rorschach and spends her free time walking in the mountains, working as a Director for Oikocredit US and working for The Goochy Project.

Kayley Edgin

Kayley is a recent addition to Seattle, but has quickly developed a passion for giving back to her new community. With a background in marketing, communication, and design, Kayley is dedicated to using her unique skillset to make a difference. Her interest in the importance of communication reaches beyond human-to-human connection, but to human-to-animal connection as well. Because life and environmental factors can threaten the human-animal connection for vulnerable community members, she is happy to help the organization work towards removing those barriers. Outside work and volunteering, Kayley spends her free time exploring the city or at home with her two tabbies - Aspen and Ivy.

Shannon Bailey