who is goochy?

Once upon a time there was a pitbull named Goochy who lived with his loving owner in Seattle, Washington. When Goochy’s owner faced an urgent situation requiring him to be away from his beloved dog, he faced an impossible choice. There was no one he trusted to care for Goochy and he couldn’t afford to hire someone for the job. No community resources were available, and it seemed like a lose-lose situation.

Fortunately, a pet sitter was willing to take Goochy for a short time at no cost.

His owner was back on his feet quickly and Goochy got a mini-vacation.

Goochy’s story has a happy ending, but that’s not always the case for some pet owners in Seattle. The ability to temporarily board our pets is one that many of us take for granted, but for our under-resourced neighbors, finding care for a beloved animal can be a matter of life or death. The Goochy Project (TGP) was born to address this rising need.

Sadly, Goochy’s owner passed away before seeing The Goochy Project come to fruition. We are dedicated to making this idea a reality in his honor.

What happens to your furry friend when you're in the hospital?

If someone has to leave their furry friend behind to seek medical attention or tend to other pressing matters, what happens to their pet? This article by Real Change discusses many of those cases and what happens when the question of "how will they make sure that their pet will be all right?" is asked.

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Goochy's case is not unique. The lack of resources for communities around the United States is an unfortunate reality. In Minneapolis, a man named Jay Mitchell put off an emergency medical treatment due to not having a safe, trusted place for his beloved companion, Hero. Fortunately, a local couple stepped up to care for Hero while Jay received the care he needed. From Seattle to Minneapolis and beyond, similar situations happen every day, we just don't always hear about it.

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