Packaging Fails and the Ways to Avoid Them

Product packaging is important from a number of perspectives. With the help of product packaging, you can ensure safety of your product during shipping, easy storage, and effective branding of your product. However, there are many manufacturers and producers who simply overlook the importance of packaging and its design for sales.

If you want to package your product ideally, you will have to pay attention to both functionality and aesthetics of the packaging. For help, you can consult to packaging professionals. They can help you pick the right package and its design the safety and marketing of your product and brand.

In this article, we are going to discuss about common packaging fails and the ways you can avoid those fails.

Busy labels

You have to make sure that the product labels tell your customers everything about the product. Busy and confusing labels can cause confusion; and customers will have to pay extra attention to the labels to know about your product. But the real problem here is that customers do not like to pay attention for even a few more seconds. They will simply put the product with busy and confusing labels back on the shelf and choose another product with easy to read label.

So, the only way you can make the labels of your product easy to read is to keep them simple. Avoid adding details which are not required.

Unnecessarily secure packaging

Many businesses, while trying to enhance the performance of packaging, end up making the package too difficult to open. Such packages are not only difficult to use but they also contribute to bigger packaging waste. Additional perforations or tabs may be helpful in improving the performance of such packages. You can also consider using flexible packaging because this type of packaging offers great options to ensure package’s ease of use and effective product safety. Resealability of the package can also help in ensuing extended shelf life of the product.

Packaging redesign

Having an urge to improve sales is pretty normal among the manufacturers. In this scenario, you may want to redesign your package. However, you will have to make sure that the packaging features your customers want to see on your product package are still there on the redesigned package. Here, you will also have to see if a redesign of your product package makes sense at all. If it doesn’t have a great appeal, you may want to continue with the current packaging design.

Tips To Pick an Effective Packaging Design

If you are wondering about what you need to do in order to make the packaging design effective, you will have to think from the perspective of a consumer. Customers make their decision about buying the product based on the packaging design. Apart from good appeal which the packaging design has to make, there needs to be necessary information about the product printed on the package.

Being a retailer, you have to make sure that your product package is good to look at and it protects the product nicely. In other words, good packaging is basically an investment in your product and brand.

The basics of packaging

Whether you are creating a brand new package or revamping the old one, you will have to make sure that the package is ready to meet the customer’s demands. For this purpose, there are a few characteristics of packaging that you need to focus. Those features or characteristics include:

  • Easy to store
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to open
  • Resealable
  • Capable of enhancing the product’s life

If you are about to choose materials for the packaging of your products, you will have to make sure that the selected materials are capable enough to help you create a package which will possess these characteristics. You may find glass and cardboard cost effective but they are actually quite expensive as they make the product shipping quite difficult and expensive. Moreover, these materials can result in the product damage, which is surely detrimental to your sales.

Alternative materials for flexible options

If you want your product to do well in competition, you need to work on the flexible packaging options such as shrink films, resealable bags and flexible pouches. With the help of flexible packaging, you can meet the customers’ needs quite creatively. Another huge advantage of flexible packaging is that it is lightweight and it doesn’t occupy much space. It means that you will be able to save packaging costs.

Another great advantage of flexible packaging is that they can easily be made re-sealable. This option is particularly great for the food products. If you have a delicious food item and you want to use it for a long time by storing it, you would wish for the package to be re-sealable. Resealabilty can help your products to remain fresh after the package is opened. And since the material used in the packaging of product is of high quality, the product is going to have extended shelf life.