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Tips for Product Labeling and Package Designing

In this age of competition in the commerce, it has become highly important for the product packaging to perform in favor of the product from different aspects. The main job of product packaging is, undoubtedly, to protect the main product but it is has now become equally important for this packaging to promote the product from marketing perspective.

In this article, we are going to discuss some tips for the effective product labeling and package designing.

Usability of the package

You have to make sure that the product package you are preparing can be useful even after the product is used up. It doesn’t only make the product memorable for your customers but they will come back to buy more products from you.

Making the product friendly

The packaging of the product should be designed while keeping the type of product in mind. It means that you need to make sure that the product package has great relation with the product. A complimentary product design will enhance the sales of your product. For instance, packaging for ketchup doesn’t have to be a glass bottle. That will be detrimental to the sales of your product.

Launching the special editions

While impulse buying may be a bad habit among the consumers, sellers can gain huge benefit by this habit of their customers. For this purpose, you need to keep an eye on the trends in order to develop the special packaging which would reflect what’s trending.

Breaking the packaging rules

While packaging the products, there are some rules that you follow. However, you may be able to find opportunities to break those packaging rules to make your product look different in the market. This way of packaging will surely bring your product in the notice of your customers. However, you have to make sure that breaking the packaging rules doesn’t make the basic relation between product and packaging getting compromised.

Keeping it simple

While creating a product package or designing its label, it is good to be creative. However, you have to make sure that you are not overdoing the designing work because it can make the product package more like a puzzle for the customers. If you try to be too artistic, it could make it difficult for the necessary information on the label to be clear.

Make the packaging easy to handle

While creating a package for the product, you have to make sure that it makes the handling of product easier. For this purpose, you can create handle or grooves on the package, depending upon the type of product.

Benefits of Thermal Printing in the Packaging Processes

Printing of labels is an integral process in the packaging operations. And there are a lot of resources required for in the printing of labels. And it means that costs of printing must higher. However, the costs and use of resources can be controlled in the best way with the help of thermal printing. Thermal printing is not only cost effective but it also makes the printing operations speedy. The printing of shipping labels and price tags has been quite hectic due to additional costs and added sluggishness in the entire packaging process. Thermal printing has been specifically beneficial in this regard.

Here, it would be worth mentioning a few benefits of thermal printing for your business.

Increased printing speed

The best thing about thermal printing is that it is very fast as compared to the other printers. Printing head of these printers carry out the creation of images in milliseconds. As a result, the lines and images are printed in great speed. The overall printing process become pretty fast.

Reduced costs of printing

The best part of thermal printing is that you are not going to require ink, which is the most important consumable required for the other types of printers. It means that there will be no ribbons and cartridges used in the printing process. This way, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Less maintenance costs

Thermal printers possess fewer moving parts as compared to the other types of printers. And since the printing heads do not have to strike with the paper in order to do the printing job, the overall printing system remains reliable and durable. With fewer things going wrong in the printing process, the down time in thermal printing tends to be lesser. These printers do not require complicated repairs on frequent basis. All in all, the overall maintenance costs tend to be pretty lower when you print packaging labels using thermal printers.

Improved quality of print

Another benefit of thermal printers is that they have the capability to create higher quality prints as compared to impact printers. The images printed by thermal printers are clear and long lasting. They are also quite resistant to factors such as UV rays, oils and climate. The improved quality of printing is also due to the fact that there is no ink that smudges.

Reducing the Use of Packaging Materials For Saving

It seems a nice idea to control the use of packaging materials in order to save money and, of course, the packaging materials. However, the real need here is to look for the opportunities to reduce this consumption of materials. For this purpose, you can get the benefit from the idea of using smart packaging methods which help in not only saving the costs but also reducing the amount of packaging wastes.

In this article, we are going to discuss the options which you can use to reduce the amount of packaging materials used.

Material change

If you look at the type of packaging film you are using, you may be able to find out that you need to change the packaging film. If you want durability in the film, you can consider using polyolefin shrink films. And for larger yields per roll, you can consider using cross-linked film. It can reduce overall packaging costs.

Another way you can reduce the packaging costs is to reduce the gauge. This reduction in gauge should be done after calculation as you wouldn’t want the quality of packaging to be compromised.

Shelf space

While making a strategy to prevent theft of the packages, you may get convinced about over-packaging of your products. Sometimes, you might find over-packaging as a nicer way to attract your customers. However, this is also the fact that over-packaging can result in extra shelf space required for the products.

So, you need to work on reducing the size of package in order to reduce the product’s footprint on the shelf. This reduction in size makes it possible for more products to be placed on the shelf, especially when there is limited shelf space and more products to be placed. Moreover, you will be able to reduce the use of packaging materials.

Radical packaging change

The packaging changes that we talked about in the above part of the articles are not radical but they can be called significant. If you want to make even bigger reduction in the use of packaging materials, you can consider making radical packaging changes. For instance, you can shift to the use of polyethylene films from corrugated trays and boxes. The best thing about polyethylene films available these days is that these films are quite durable and they provide protection to the products in the same way as corrugated trays and boxes provide. Moreover, the machinery used to seal the products in polyethylene films fire ample amount of heating to make a proper seal.