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$10,000,000 in Funding for Independent Colleges and Universities

$100,000 for Town Hall Upgrades

$255,000,000 in Funding for HBCUS

$1, 300,000 in Funding for water treatment

$1, 800,000 in Funding for water treatment

$ 4,000,000 in Infrastructure Funding

$20, 000,000 in Funding for Pre-K

Medical Marijuana Legislation Passed

Voting Efficiency Legislation Passed

Equal Pay Legislation Passed

 $3,500,000 in funding for Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credits

$245,000,000 Teacher Pay Raise

More than $70,000,000 in Funding for Teacher and Student Resources

Scholarship fund for foster children attending college to include independent colleges and universities


Chairman and CEO, Emanuel D. WIlliams, Interviews Mayor George Flaggs of Vicksburg

EDW forms Small Towns Collaborative an economic development and business advisory organization with the purpose of revitalizing Mississippi, town by town, business by business, and person by person.